Priory Street, Colchester - One Way Reversal

 Press Release - No change for one-way system on Priory Street, Colchester - 13/12/16

Priory Street is a one-way street to the east of Colchester Town Centre, linking Queen Street and East Hill.  The road layout is constrained and close to both the Roman wall and St Botolph’s Priory. It provides access to residential properties, a primary school and a Colchester Borough Council car park. 

Bus lanes were introduced to Colchester in 2013; part of the reason for the introduction of these measures was to encourage more sustainable modes of transport within the town centre and discourage private car use for short journeys, by encouraging traffic away from local roads and onto strategic routes, and facilitating the operation of Colchester Park and Ride.  This has led to changes in drivers’ access routes to areas east of the town centre, including to Priory Street.

Key Aspects

The purpose of the Priory Street One Way Reversal scheme is to improve access to the St Botolphs Quarter while providing benefits to traffic flow and safety.

The proposed scheme will:

  • Reverse the current one way system along Priory Street, which will require changes to the Priory Street/Queen Street and Priory Street/East Hill junctions.
  • Improve access to St Thomas More’s Catholic Primary School, local religious institutions, the Priory Street public car park and forthcoming Curzon cinema, hotel and restaurant developments.
  • Reduce congestion around the town centre.
  • Reduce instances of U-turns at the Lewis Gardens / High street junction.

Alongside this proposal, Colchester Borough Council (CBC) are planning to upgrade the Priory Street Car Park. Information and an online survey was made available on the 21 October with the consultation closing on Friday 20 November 2015.

A joint public exhibition event was also held by ECC and CBC on 4 November 2015, between 10.00am and 7.00pm in the rear cafeteria area of FirstSite gallery.

Further information regarding the scheme will be provided in due course.