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Parkway and Victoria Road South, Chelmsford

Works Location


A1060 Parkway - west of junction with A&N roundabout/flyover to Odeon Roundabout

Manor Road with Odeon Roundabout

A1099 High Bridge Rd/Baddow Rd (junction with Odeon Roundabout)

New London Road/Parkway Junction

About Parkway


Traffic accessing the centre of the city from routes including New London Road, Roxwell Road, Springfield Road, Waterhouse Lane, Broomfield Road, and Chelmer Road usually ends up travelling along Parkway to reach their destination. As a result, the Parkway corridor experiences significant congestion during peak periods, particularly in the city centre and at key junctions along the route. 

There are a significant number of buses which use Parkway (approximately 45 per hour in each direction) and which also suffer from increased journey times and poor journey time reliability as a result of the congestion along the corridor.

Following a public consultation on the Chelmsford City Growth Package during summer 2017, the decision was taken to progress plans for a package of improvements at key locations on Parkway between the junction with the Army and Navy roundabout and flyover and Victoria Road South.

Work on  Parkway and Victoria Road South was completed in December 2019:

A1060 Parkway - Improvements to road layout westbound (from junction with Army and Navy roundabout / flyover to Odeon roundabout):

Simplifying the existing road layout and lane markings for westbound traffic exiting from the Army and Navy roundabout and flyover to allow for all three lanes of traffic to continue straight ahead at Odeon roundabout (towards A1060 Parkway westbound).  For traffic travelling from the Army and Navy flyover ahead and continuing westbound on the A1060 Parkway this will reduce the need to change lanes when approaching the Odeon roundabout.

The existing right-turn only lane on the approach to the Odeon roundabout is under-utilised, and this change will help to improve safety and traffic flow for all westbound traffic.

Manor Road junction with the Odeon Roundabout:

Providing a safer, direct east-west route for people who walk or cycle between Rochford Road east and Rochford Road west. This improves links to the Moulsham Street shopping area and the Odeon Roundabout subway and connect to the National Cycle Network 1 along the riverside at Kings Head Walk. 

The improvements will allow for safer crossing for the existing cycle route across Manor Road whilst having minimal impact on traffic approaching the roundabout.

A1099 High Bridge Road / Baddow Road (junction with the Odeon roundabout):

A permanent dedicated left turn restriction for traffic into Baddow Road. This formalises the current temporary restrictions, which have operated since 2011.

To access Baddow Road west from a westbound direction on Parkway, traffic will need to continue to the Market roundabout, U-turn and join the dedicated filter lane to turn left into Baddow Road west. This prevents Parkway through traffic being blocked in peak periods by cars wanting to get to the car parks.

As an additional safety improvement, we the existing kerb island on High Bridge Road has been extended to prevent the movement from the dedicated left turn lane straight onto High Bridge Road. This will help to prevent conflict with traffic exiting Baddow Road west and traffic exiting the roundabout onto High Bridge Road from the outside lane. This will also improve pedestrian safety at the adjacent crossing. 

New London Road / Parkway Junction: 

  • Extending the existing central reservation to restrict the existing straight-ahead (southbound) and right-turn (westbound) movements of buses from New London Road (north).
  • Widening New London Road (northbound approach) at its junction with Parkway within the existing highway boundary.

These changes allow traffic in all other directions to keep flowing for longer and should improve overall travel time through the junction by more than 20%.

Over 90% of buses on all approaches to the junction should experience reduced journey times throughout the day, however, a small number of bus journeys from New London Road will take slightly longer in the morning peak period.  All other vehicles are expected to be able to get through the junction quicker.

Subways at junction of New London Road with Parkway:

Enhancing the existing subways at the junction to provide a safer route across the junction for people who cycle and ensuring  that north-south cycle journeys on New London Road are not affected by the changes to the junction.

Victoria Road South:

Improvements to the eastern footways along Victoria Road South from the junction with Parkway northwards towards the railway station, making it easier and safer for people who walk or cycle to access the train station:

  • Providing a shared footway / cycleway along the eastern side to give improved links north and south (via Parkway and Bell Meadow) to Chelmsford City railway station
  • Converting the existing zebra-crossing to the north of Market Road junction to a new 'Parallel Crossing' which will allow cyclists to cross without dismounting. Pedestrians and cyclists will able to cross safely (using segregated areas) at the same time, with lane markings for their guidance.
  • Alterations to the exit area of the car park to provide a safer crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Providing links to the cycle route through Burgess Springs to provide a safer, more direct route to the station cycle parking area. 


  • Providing a shared footway / cycleway along the southern side between the junction with Parkway and the entrance to Bell Meadow at the existing zebra crossing to give an improved link to the existing cycle network within Bell Meadow.
  • Alterations to the exit onto parkway to provide safer crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists.


  • Providing a shared footway / cycleway along the northern footway to provide improved links to the subway at New London Road and links to the south of the city.