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Luxborough Way (Bridleway) Bridge, Luxborough Lane, Chigwell

Advance Notice - 17 July 2020: Luxborough Way Bridge ground investigation works planned for August 2020

To support design and planning work required to replace the existing bridge, arrangements have been made to carry out ground investigation and trial hole works at Luxborough Way Bridge, starting 3 August.

These investigations are expected to take approximately two weeks to complete, with work taking place between 7.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

We apologise for any temporary inconvenience caused to local residents during this time.

Please be aware that these arrangements may be subject to change if the works are hindered by poor weather or if unexpected issues arise.  We aim to provide updates on these works as the scheme progresses.

It continues to be necessary for Luxborough Way Bridge to remain closed for the safety of the public.

Works Location







The current position

Luxborough Way Bridge (ECC No. 2081), also known locally as Luxborough Lane Bridge, is a footbridge located near the end of Luxborough Lane in Chigwell, bridging the River Roding to Buckhurst Hill.

Essex Highways placed the bridge under an emergency closure in January 2020 after significant defects were identified to critical components resulting in the bridge being no longer safe for public use. The bridge supports a number of very high voltage electricity cables which could cause serious harm through injury and considerable disruption to supply if they were damaged.  

Measures were taken to limit further deterioration of the structure. A framework was assembled across the bridge with temporary fencing also installed to prevent access by the public.

Design work for a new, replacement bridge is currently taking place.  Some initial site surveys and vegetation clearance have been carried out to aid this process however there are many steps that have to be completed before a new bridge can be installed.   This includes budgeting and planning alongside other prioritised works as well as consulting with utility providers, other local authorities and the Environment Agency.  This can take some time however our aim is to replace this structure by Autumn 2021 if all of these arrangements are in place.

As this is a bridleway there is currently no like for like alternative route we can offer at this time, so we rely on residents’ local knowledge in finding their own alternatives.

Interim considerations

We are currently exploring the possibility of installing a temporary bridge across the River Roding, adjacent to the existing structure. We appreciate this is a popular access point and the closure of the existing footbridge is very inconvenient to those who used it. 

An initial site meeting by our lead Engineer suggests this is technically feasible however further investigations and planning are required to seek the necessary permissions, create a design and work programme to facilitate this. We regret that should permission be obtained for a temporary structure, this may be restricted to use by pedestrians and not designed for equestrian use.   

Further information

As we progress our plans we aim to share key information with the Parish Council for residents and businesses.   Please check this webpage for the latest updates.