Transport corridor advanced works to begin

Advance Notice

Advanced works on the new Harlow North to Centre Sustainable Transport Corridor are due to begin between Burnt Mill Roundabout and Harlow Town Centre this month.

Connecting the new Gilston development with the train station and town centre, the corridor along the A1019 is a key part of the transport infrastructure being delivered.

Making it easier for people to travel sustainably in the future, the corridor will see the creation of walking and cycleway infrastructure and a rapid transit bus lane, providing services into and from the town every few minutes.

The advanced works, taking around two months, will include the removal of a number of trees, vegetation and scrub along the planned footprint of the scheme in order to provide the required space ahead of construction and for the diversion of utilities.  As part of these works, a number of unsuitable, diseased and dying trees will also be removed.

To replace and supplement the greenspace a substantial tree planting scheme is planned as part of the main works, with an increased number of semi-mature trees due to be planted and a 5-year maintenance plan in place to ensure they become established. Landscaping is also planned along the route to create areas of habitat and bio-diversity, while also creating a nice environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Harlow Sustainable Transport Corridors

To support the development of the North to Centre Sustainable Transport Corridor scheme, we invited members of the public and interested parties to view and give their thoughts on the proposals. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate.

The feedback provided on the design, and comments raised during our webinar sessions will be considered as the scheme continues to develop, and themes such as cyclist behaviour, pedestrian safety and bike security are areas which we will be looking to address where possible as the design develops.

Landscaping and the impact on the avenues of trees and the Town Park were also raised and we will continue to work closely with Harlow District Council and the Harlow Town Park Users Group in the future.

Please view the story map below for information about the North to Centre proposals. If you have any questions about the STC scheme please email the team.

Contact the team

We very much welcome your views, comments and questions. To contact the project team please email us. And, to keep up to date on all the latest news about the wider Harlow and Gilston Town proposals visit the scheme website.