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Writtle to City Centre Cycling Improvements

Latest News - 22 October 2020: Admirals Park Bridge progress update

Preparations are being made to replace the bollards situated in Admirals Park close to the recently replaced bridge to prevent vehicles from accessing it.  

The replacement bollards will be collapsible and countersunk into the ground so not to cause an obstruction in their closed position.    It is anticipated that these will remain in their closed position for much of the time, providing an option for them to be put in their upright position should Chelmsford City Council consider this be necessary, for example when vehicle movements take place in the park.

The replacement bollards have been ordered and will be fitted by in due course by Chelmsford City Council.

Progress Update - 25 September 2020: New shared use bridge open to the public in Admirals Park

Following the successful installation of the new bridge on 16 September, good progress has been made on site enabling the team to open the shared use facility to the public on 25 September 2020.

As an important route for cyclists in the city, this bridge was designed as a wider structure to accommodate both pedestrians and people who cycle.

Work will continue in the coming weeks to complete the project, removing the temporary bridge and haul roads.

We would like to thank residents and users of the park for their patience during our works.

Photograph of bridge available for use to pedestrians and cyclists

Works Location


Before phase 1 improvements


After phase 1 improvements


Side view of  the existing Admirals Park Bridge


Pedestrian view of existing Admirals Park Footbridge 

Phase 2 - Existing Admirals Park Bridge due for replacement 


About the scheme

One of the most popular cycle routes in Chelmsford is benefitting from investment designed to improve sustainable transport in Chelmsford.

The existing National Cycle Networks 1 (NCN1) runs through Writtle towards Admirals Park and currently provides an off-carriageway connection on the west side of the city centre.  

Improvements have been made to increase the standard of the cycle route to encourage greater use of the network. This includes replacing the existing Admirals Park Bridge with a wider structure to improve journeys for both pedestrians and cyclists. 

These works are part of a £15 million Chelmsford City Growth Package of improvements designed to alleviate pressure on Chelmsford’s road network.

The works

Phase one of the works was completed in March 2019 and included resurfacing defective sections of cycling facilities and correction of localised flooding issues.  Other works included resurfacing and improving drainage facilities along Fox Burrows Lane.

Phase two of the works includes the replacement of the existing narrow steel bridge with a new 4 metre wide structure.  The new pre-fabricated structure was lifted into place on 16 September 2020 and work now continues to complete the project.   


What happens next?

The new bridge was opened to the public on 25 September 2020 as a shared used pedestrian and cycle facility.

Work now continues to reinstate the grounds, removing the temporary bridge and haul roads that have been necessary during construction.

We are sorry for any short term inconvenience caused by our works. 

Please note that these activities will be carried out in accordance within the government Coronavirus Covid-19 guidelines.  The work programme may need to be adjusted accommodate any changes in advice, or if the scheme is affected by poor weather or if unexpected issues arise. 

Further information

This webpage will continue to be updated as the scheme progresses.