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Great Waltham to City Centre Cycle Route

About the scheme

Following the consultation on the overall Chelmsford City Growth Package held in 2017, Essex County Council is now progressing the first phases of a scheme which will eventually provide a cycle route connection between Chelmsford City Centre and Great Waltham. This scheme will initially start on Broomfield Road and will link with the cycle route along this corridor (being delivered through the Broomfield Road scheme as part of the Chelmsford CIty Growth Package of works). It will utilise a mixture of new and existing cycle routes to improve cycling into and around the north and west of the city.

Image of Map showing works locations

Why is this scheme needed?

The scheme will, once complete, provide a 7km cycle route that connects key residential areas to Broomfield Hospital, schools, recreational areas as well as Chelmsford City Centre. This will provide an alternative to driving, encouraging people to use their bikes for commuter and leisure trips away from the busy and congested B1008 Main Road through Broomfield.

The scheme is split into four sections with sections one and two proposed to be completed by March 2021. This will provide a link between the city centre and Broomfield Hospital.

Phases three and four are proposed to follow at a later date.

The proposals consist of four sections

Section 1 is to improve signing and crossing facilities on the existing on-road cycle route along Corporation Road and off-road through North Avenue and Partridge Avenue where junction improvements will be made to help people who cycle. This will then continue along Patching Hall Lane and School Lane, up to Goulton Road. 

Section 2 continues northwards from the end of Goulton Road on a new off-road facility across a mixture of agricultural land and existing footpaths to the junction with Nash Drive and ultimately Broomfield Hospital. This will provide a new, safe link for people who cycle between the hospital, Chelmer Valley High School and the surrounding residential areas.

Section 3 links Nash Drive to the hospital site through an off-road shared cycle facility. This completes the cycle link between the Broomfield Road and the hospital.

Section 4 will then continue via an on-road route to Partridge Green Farm. A short section continues along a footpath (further design investigation is required here) to Walnut Tree Cottages where the cycle route will continue on-road along South Street and into Great Waltham.

As previously commented, sections 1 and 2 are currently being proposed to be delivered as Phase 1, with sections 3 and 4 to follow at a later date as yet to be confirmed.

Where is the route being built?

A map of the overall scheme is attached with the current proposals reaching the southern boundary of Broomfield Hospital at Nash Drive.

The cycle route will be signed on-road from Broomfield Road towards Goulton Road with the new link from Goulton Road to Broomfield hospital being off road.

For both of the above sections, and along the route, the existing path will be widened, resurfaced for use in all seasons, and vegetation will be trimmed. New lighting and signs will be installed.

Compulsory Purchase Order

Sections of land are required to be purchased by Essex County Council or dedicated as highway. 

The Compulsory Purchase Order was made on 10th July 2019. An objection was recieved and the CPO will now go to Public Inquiry this autumn. The outcome will determine the route options available for completion of the scheme.

What has been approved?

A Planning Application was submitted for section 2 of the scheme during 2018 with Planning Approval granted on 17th December 2018

The approved plans can be seen below:

City Centre to Broomfield Hospital plans - Page 1

City Centre to Broomfield Hospital plans - Page 2

For more information please see the documents section below.