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Great Baddow to City Centre Cycle Route

Latest News - 04 October 2019: Construction due to start on new cycleway link

Work is due to start to create a new cycleway link on A1114 Essex Yeomanry Way (near to the Army and Navy Roundabout) in the verge behind the metal vehicle restraint system joining Meadgate Terrace.  These works have been scheduled during day time off peak hours, 9.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday to minimise inconvenience to road users and local residents.

It will be necessary for adjustments to be made to local road layouts during the construction period, which will be confined to the bus lane on Essex Yeomanry Way during working hours.  

The works are due for completion by the end of November 2019.



About the Scheme

The Great Baddow to City Centre Cycle Route is one of the schemes within the Chelmsford City Growth Package (CCGP). This scheme is designed to encourage more people to use cycling as an alternative means of transport into the city centre and local shops and amenities.

These improvement works include new signage for cyclists and pedestrians to navigate their way to and from the city. The upgrade will, predominantly, see work in a west-to-east manner; starting close to Baddow Road car park, heading through the Army and Navy subway, followed by east of Army and Navy (Meadgate Terrace to Jeffery Road).

Preliminary works have already begun with the main works on the project due to begin imminently. Whilst the timing is coincidental to the closure of the Army and Navy flyover, these works are limited to the subway at the roundabout and so will not affect motorist traffic. Proposed upgrades include new signs, mirrors and handrails.

While this work is unconnected to the Army and Navy roundabout itself, the scheme will pass through it. Future designs of the Army and Navy will consider provision for cyclists.

For more information, please view the Questions and Answer below.

Click on the question to reveal/hide the answer:

What is the Great Baddow to City Centre Cycle Route?
What is the proposed route?
Can I cycle from Baddow Road Long stay car park to the city centre?
When is this scheme due to start?
What improvement works are taking place?
Is the money better utilised on the Army and Navy Roundabout?
Can this work take place considering the closure of the flyover?
Will the final Army and Navy design render this cycleway obsolete?
Why are you doing work in the subway which is not an existing cycle track?
What possible traffic impacts could there be because of this cycle route?
When are the works taking place?
Is this the only scheme?