North Hall Road reopened

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We are pleased to confirm the works to repair the retaining wall along North Hall Road are complete and the road was reopened to traffic on Saturday 19 November 2022.

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North Hall Road, Little Henham

Works location and photos

Damage to a section of wall on River Cam
View of central section of retaining wall
View of central section of retaining wall
Scour damage to the east riverbank downstream of the structure

About the scheme

Along North Hall Road, Little Henham, there is a length of the River Cam that runs parallel with the carriageway. This carriageway is supported by a retaining wall and embankment. An inspection identified that a section of the retaining wall had suffered from significant under-scouring and partial collapse.

The retaining wall is approximately 40 metres, however beyond the wall is an embankment of some 100-120 metres in length. 

Due to the condition of the wall and close proximity to the carriageway edge and the width of the existing road, an emergency road closure was implemented in July 2020 on the section of road affected.

The works

Investigations to date have revealed that the issue with the embankment and retaining wall are more complex and the length of wall requiring remedial works is longer than first anticipated.  

The retaining wall has been heavily under-scoured and parts have either collapsed or slumped.  The embankment has also suffered from severe scouring.

Following consultations with the Environment Agency to ensure that we gain approvals for the preferred design, we have now been given approval for placing the construction works contract with our supply chain partner to re-build the collapsed retaining wall.

Works are due to start on Monday 25 July 2022 and expected to take approximately three months to complete. The majority of the works will be carried out between the hours of 7.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

How it may affect you

The current road closure will remain in place until the works are complete. An alternative route is available via North Hall Road, Ugley Road, London Road B1383, North Hall Road.  This diversion route has been selected to avoid the low railway line bridge located on North Hall Road (located south of the closure) which has a height restriction of 12ft.

Access is available to pedestrians and dismounted cyclists.

Further information

Our programme plans may be subject to change if unexpected issues rise.

We aim to keep residents and businesses updated via this webpage as our plans progress. Information will also be shared with the local parish councils.

For details about other roadworks in the area, please visit: one.network or the @essexhighways twitter feed.