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A1168 Chigwell Lane/Langston Road Improvement Scheme


About the scheme:

Engineers appointed by Epping Forest District Council began improvements in August 2016.  These works form part of a planning condition granted by Epping Forest District Council in 2012 to redevelop a council depot site off Langston Road as a shopping park. 

Works include new pedestrian crossing facilities, replacement of mini roundabouts with traffic signal controlled junctions improving the road layouts, upgrading of the street lighting and drainage systems and increasing the number of lanes along the main road.

A1168 Chigwell Lane/A113 Abridge Road junction:

 Works undertaken at A1168 Chigwell Lane/A113 Abridge Road have been completed.  Works included:

  • Removal of existing mini roundabout and introduction of traffic signals

  • Widening of carriageway to introduce right turn lane into the A1168 Chigwell Lane. 

  • New pedestrian crossings on the A1168 Chigwell Lane and A113 Abridge Road.

  • Improved footways

A1168 Rectory Lane/A1168 Chigwell Lane/The Broadway:

  • Replacing of existing mini roundabouts located at A1168 Chigwell Lane/The Broadway junction and A1168 Rectory Lane /Borders Lane junction with traffic signal controlled junctions. 

  • Widened carriageway on A1168 Chigwell Lane to provide two northbound traffic lanes.

  • Road layout changes restricting access to Barrington Green (north and south) from The Broadway.

  • Introduction of one way system on a section of Barrington Green (north) and Barrington Green (south) from The Broadway.

  • Amendments to current waiting restrictions.

Langston Road:

  • New signal controlled pedestrian crossing on Langston Road

  • New access points to shopping park

  • Footway improvements


This scheme aims to improve the network by managing the traffic flow, enhance network connectivity and lessen the impact of traffic associated with the proposed shopping park.

When will the work take place?

Works undertaken at A1168 Chigwell Lane/A113 Abridge Road junction are now complete.  Remaining works are in their final stages, with an anticipated completion date of Autumn 2017.

Dates may be subject to change, for example if the work is completed earlier than planned, or if the programme of works is delayed due to unexpected issues or poor weather.

How may it affect you?

  • The developer’s appointed contractor Walker Construction will monitor traffic during the works to minimise delays where possible, however drivers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys and consider the use of alternative routes where possible as delays are likely.

  • One lane traffic flow will be maintained during the works in both directions.

  • Work will typically be conducted between the hours of 7.30am and 5pm (Monday to Friday), 8am to 1:30pm on Saturdays.

  • Overnight works will be required during certain phases of the work and some temporary road closures will be necessary, details of which will be advertised on site information boards in advance.

  • Access to properties, businesses and emergency service vehicles will be maintained throughout the duration of the work, however should there be any temporary restrictions to access then these will be communicated to those directly affected.

Further information:

Traffic management will be in place during working and non-working hours to maintain the safety of the area and temporary lane and footpath restrictions will be required to support safe working.

On site information boards will provide the most up to date information about the work programme, however this webpage will be updated as the scheme progresses.

To view the latest road information updates please view on

Full details of the proposed road improvements are shown within the Document section below.