Colchester Town Centre Improvements


Completed Schemes


Colchester Town Centre Improvements

This package of schemes for Colchester Town Centre focuses on traffic and congestion reduction, bus priority and traffic management measures. This is to improve the economic vitality of the town centre while delivering operational improvements across the wider area. 

Work will take place in the following locations:

High Street

To better accommodate bus movements and prevent buses obstructing the running lane. We will be removing the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing point located outside the George Hotel and making some minor alterations to the existing bank of bus stops. Work will include associated drainage and the relocation of bus stop flags and bus shelters. Work will also include improvements to footway surfaces.

Colchester Town Centre Passageways Improvements

These works are being done in partnership with Colchester Borough Council to improve pedestrian facilities which form a direct link between the retail town centre and bus stops. The work will include new paving, lighting and accessibility improvements to Bank Passage, Pelhams Lane and St Nicholas passage, as well as improved route signage. These improvements will provide a more appealing welcome to the main shopping area.

Middleborough Bus Stops

Work will include minor carriageway and footway widening Northbound and Southbound, new bus kerbs and an additional Park and Ride bus shelter. The carriageway widening will allow improved bus access and provide Park and Ride with its own designated bus stop and shelter, increasing space for passengers and access for buses. Additionally there will be localised changes to existing loading restrictions.

Head Street

Work will include the introduction of full length raised bus stop kerbs to better accommodate bus service movements and prevent buses from obstructing running lanes.

There will also be further improvements to associated drainage, relocation of bus stop flags, bus service shelters and footway surfaces.



Three Passageways Plan 16/06/2016
Three Passageways Plan 1 16/06/2016
Three Passageways Plan 2 16/06/2016