Braintree Integrated Transport Package (ITP)

What is the Braintree ITP?

The Braintree Integrated Transport Package (ITP) is a package of schemes with the aim of improving access to Braintree Town Centre. In addition to a number of traffic management measures for Braintree Town Centre, it comprises two key schemes on which Essex County Council will be engaging with the public next month (September 2018) in advance of an application for funding through the South East Local Enterprise Partnership Growth Fund Round 3 (SELEP3):

  • Springwood Drive Roundabout (Springwood Drive / Rayne Road / Pod’s Brook Road): Junction improvements to address traffic congestion and accommodate future growth
  • Station Access (Station Approach / Rose Hill & South Street Junctions): Improvements to Station Approach to enhance accessibility and amenity for various users of Braintree Station and local residents 
Braintree Intergrated Transport Package map

Braintree Station Access

A number of improvements are proposed to enhance access to and from Braintree Rail Station as well as provide appropriate facilities for non-motorised users and local residents.  The Station Approach proposals include:

  • Introduction of a one-way system from east to west along Station Approach to minimise conflict between road users (including buses, taxis and car park users)
  • Additional non-motorised user access along Station Approach, including a contraflow cycle lane
  • Enhanced urban environment, including five design options for a new pedestrianised area (to replace the existing bus turning circle) and new bus stop facilities beside the station

Springwood Drive Roundabout

The proposed improvements to Springwood Drive Roundabout involve widening the roundabout in order to help relieve existing traffic congestion and accommodate future traffic growth. The proposals include:

  • Enlarging the roundabout to improve capacity and accessibility
  • Improving the geometry of the roundabout and adding lane markings to improve safety
  • Adding an additional lane (dedicated left turn or straight ahead) on the southern approach to the roundabout (Pod’s Brook Road)

Braintree Station Access

Braintree Station Access 

Springwood Drive Roundabout

Springwood Drive Roundabout 

A120 Millennium Way Slips

This scheme involves the creation of two new slip roads connecting Millennium Way (B1018) with the A120. In addition to providing improved access, the scheme is intended to help relieve congestion on the A120 at Galley’s Corner and to accommodate future growth in the region. The A120 forms an east-west route linking the M11 and Stansted Airport with the A12, Colchester and Harwich. Braintree is located half way along this corridor.

While not part of the Braintree ITP, the scheme is located to the south-east of Braintree and will also contribute to improving access to the town centre. We are therefore inviting you to view the plans for A120 Millennium Way Slips in conjunction with our public exhibitions.

Funding for this scheme has been secured through the Department for Transport’s National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) for the Local Road Network, with support from Highways England and Braintree District Council.

For further information on this scheme, please visit the Millennium Way Slips web page:

Public Consultation and Further information

Public consultation on the Braintree ITP has now closed. The consultation was open for 6 weeks, from Monday 24 September to Monday 5 November 2018.

Two consultation events were held in Braintree during the consultation period, allowing stakeholders to view the proposals and ask questions.

  • Saturday 6th October (10am to 4pm) - Council Chamber, Braintree Town Hall
  • Friday 12th October (11am to 7pm) - Learning Village, Alec Hunter Academy

Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultation. Feedback submitted is now being analysed and considered.

Additional information on the proposed improvements are available in the documents section below.

You can follow our Twitter feed @essexhighways for updates on all schemes.