Vernon Glashier

I am Vernon Glashier. I am now retired after working in the oil industry for 35 years. I live near Dunmow and have been an Essex resident for most of my life.

Motorcycling has been my main passion for a very long time. My predominant pastime in the last six years has been exploring the network of unsealed roads in England and Wales by motorcycle. I am a Rights of Road officer for the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF). 

I also enjoy walking, much of it on local footpaths and bridleways in Essex (although I have a special regard for walking in the Lake District) and cycling for pleasure on minor roads.

I joined the Essex Local Access Forum because I want to see the Public Rights of Way in this country remain open for all to use and enjoy. I would like to see more people aware of our PROW and the benefit, sensible and sustainable usage, can bring. My specific contribution to the Forum is in Two Wheeled vehicular use and some of the problems associated with it.