Mapping errors

The Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way are not fixed documents.  The map and statement are constantly changing to reflect alterations made by legal Order.  Changes made to correct errors are referred to as the Definitive Map Review.

To make a change to the Definitive Map, a formal application must be made.  These formal applications are known as Schedule 14 Applications, and result in a Definitive Map Modification Order made under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. 

Schedule 14 Applications are made for a number of reasons:

  • to add a route to the Definitive Map as a Public Right of Way, if not already recorded
  • to change the status of a Public Right of Way on the Definitive Map (for example, changing a footpath to a bridleway)
  • to correct the recorded details of a Public Right of Way, where they are recorded incorrectly
  • to remove a Public Right of Way from the Definitive Map, where that Public Right of Way has been recorded in error. 

All current Schedule 14 Applications for Public Rights of Way in each borough and district in Essex are listed below. Please check the list before applying for a new scheme or you may be able to provide evidence for an existing scheme.

Schedule 14: Basildon

Schedule 14: Braintree

Schedule 14: Brentwood

Schedule 14: Castle Point

Schedule 14: Chelmsford

Schedule 14: Colchester

Schedule 14: Epping Forest

Schedule 14: Harlow

Schedule 14: Maldon

Schedule 14: Rochford

Schedule 14: Tendring

Schedule 14: Uttlesford

If you wish to make an application to modify or correct the Definitive Map on the basis of historical user evidence, you will find the all the forms you need in the download box below. The Application Form Guidance gives more information.

Applications should be sent to;
Essex Legal Services
Seax House
Victoria Road South

For any further information, please contact Essex Legal Services at email: ELS.HighwayEnvironment& or our helpline 03330 139993


Title Description Date
Application form - Guidance PDF 20/09/2017 
Form A PDF 16/09/2015
Form B PDF 16/09/2015
Form C PDF 16/09/2015
Evidence of use form PDF 16/09/2015

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