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Bus lane and bus gate enforcement

Bus lane and bus gate enforcement

Here you can:

We are strengthening enforcement of bus lanes and bus gates in Essex with increased use of unattended approved cameras.

Up until spring 2017, we largely relied on a combination of voluntary driver compliance and Police enforcement to dissuade drivers from contravening the bus lanes or bus gates.

As the county’s population and economy grows, we see the level of infringements increasing which can affect bus punctuality and lead to less reliable journey times. Increased enforcement is designed to change the behaviour of those drivers who choose to use bus lanes and bus gates illegally, keeping them available for their intended use. It also helps to maintain safer routes for pedestrians.

At locations where enforcement is strengthened by unattended cameras, existing road signs and road markings are being checked and enhanced when necessary.

Before entering a bus lane or bus gate, motorists should check the approach signs as the exempted classes of vehicle will vary from location to location and will be signed appropriately.

Exemptions are also detailed in the Traffic Regulation Order published for each site.

Further information about enforcement can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

People who have infringed a bus lane or bus gate will receive a letter, which is a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The PCN will outline the action that you should take.


How to pay a Penalty Charge Notice

If you have received a PCN there are various methods of paying the charge as outlined in the documentation, please follow the link below to enter your PCN details.

If you have difficulty paying online, or wish to speak to an advisor please call the number detailed on the PCN.


How to challenge a Penalty Charge Notice

If you have received a PCN and wish to challenge the contravention, or wish to view a video of the contravention, please follow the link below to enter your PCN details.

If you wish to speak to an advisor about the challenge process, please call the telephone number detailed on the PCN.


Enter your PCN detail



Bus Lane Locations

For details about the locations of the bus lanes which are enforced, please select from the following list:

Duke Street Chelmsford
Ghyllgrove, Basildon
Gunson Gate Chelmsford
High Street Colchester
Hythe Hill Colchester
Hythe Station Road Colchester
Laindon Link, Basildon
Long Riding, Basildon
Maldon Road, Colchester
Nayland Road Colchester
North Hill Colchester
North Station Road Colchester