Katherine Evans, Chair


Growing up in London, my family did not have a car until I was in my teens, so walking as a means of transport and for pleasure was what we did. At university, the rambling club provided a great escape into the Derbyshire Dales and some great friendships. I am now an active member of the Essex Area of the Ramblers Association. It is so sad to see it becoming difficult to go for a walk due to the budgetary pressures that are leading to overgrown paths, a lack of waymarking - even a lack of fingerposts, and of bridges in need of repair. I would love to see stiles being replaced by gates - or nothing if there are no animals around - so that the countryside becomes more accessible for young and old alike.

My husband introduced me to sailing and for many years walking took second place to sailing the Essex Coast and rivers. My sailing days are behind me now, but I try and keep an eye on coastal matters.  

I am a Parish Councillor and a member of the Parish Council Planning Committee. The building of housing over green field sites is a challenge but it can provide an opportunity to adapt our ancient network of public paths to today's needs. Outdoor activities from walking the dog to team sports have been shown to provide health benefits and should be accessible to all without having to drive several miles in cars.