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Street Light Relocations

Street light relocations

Essex Highway Solutions offer a street light relocation service.

Relocations associated with new vehicle crossings. 

Please note that before we can agree to relocate a street light as part of a new vehicle crossing, you must obtain permission for the crossing and provide evidence of this approval to us before we can progress with your request. Please consider the cost of a lamp column relocation as detailed below before you apply for a vehicle crossing.

Apply for a new vehicle crossing



The cost of relocating a street light

Before contacting us, the table below shows an indicative cost and timescale to do the work based on historic data. 

Distance of relocation

Historic cost

Timescale for delivery

Up to 2.0m from existing location

Approximately £2500 - £3000

Approximately 3 months from receipt of full payment

From 2.0m to 4.0m from existing location

Approximately £3000 - £4000

To move a column 4.0m plus from existing location

Bespoke quote required

Please note: This cost must be fully borne by the applicant.

Please note that these are only estimates to give an indication of likely costs before you proceed. It must be noted that these estimated costs do not include for any additional requirements that an individual site may require.

An additional requirement may involve;

  • A bespoke column i.e. in a conservation area
  • Working restrictions i.e. working near a school or if there are any specific environmental restrictions 
  • The electrical supply network needs altering or upgrading.


If you choose to proceed we will require an Advanced Feasibility Payment of £250 (plus VAT) which is non-refundable.  


Advanced Feasibility Payment 

The Advanced Feasibility Payment of £250 (plus VAT) allows us to investigate to determine if relocation is feasible, prepare a detailed brief proposal and supply a fixed cost for your approval. Please note: This fee is non-refundable but is treated as part payment of the scheme should you choose to go ahead.

This payment does not guarantee approval of your request or that the lamp column is eligible for re-location. We always endeavour to provide a suitable alternative although sometimes this may not be possible. 

Full payment is required before we are able to programme works.  


How to apply

Should you wish to proceed then please complete the Initial Enquiry Form and send it to us advising of any set timescales you may have.

If this is as part of a vehicle crossing application, please provide us with evidence that your crossing has been approved.

Appointing your own contractor

You may wish to appoint your own contractor to relocate a street light, but you will still need approval from the Highway Authority. If you choose to do this, please contact our Development Management team by email  or for more information please see the development management page


Initial Enquiry Form (1.51 MB)DOCX05/12/2018