Brook Street Roundabout


Brook Street Roundabout


The primary objective of this scheme is to reduce congestion at the junction between East Hill, East Street and Brook Street, which is located to the east of Colchester town centre. This junction sees the convergence of east-west town centre traffic with residential traffic, and recent growth in the residential traffic has seen high levels of queuing develop along Brook Street.

Scheme Description

The existing mini-roundabout is to be replaced with a signalised junction.  This will require the removal of the existing zebra crossing on Brook Street and the incorporation of a pedestrian phase at the proposed signals.  The crossing will remain in the same location but the equipment needs to be refurbished and brought up to current standards.  The adjacent junction of East Hill and Guildford Road has been incorporated into the design to improve the efficiency of the proposed traffic signals.

The junction was signalised in the past and changed to a mini-roundabout; however traffic signal technology has changed significantly since this time and the new arrangement will better control the efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.  The junction is  to be fully resurfaced as part of the  project. A plan of the works is available to download at the bottom of this page.

Temporary traffic management requirements will include:

  • Closure of Brook Street for the  duration of the  works.
  • Lane closure on East Street, maintaining two lanes of traffic.
  • Two-way temporary traffic signals for resurfacing works to East Hill and East Street.

Work is planned to start in March 2016 and the scheme is due to be completed, weather permitting, in May 2016.


Brook Street diversion route PDF 04/03/2016
Brook Street Plan 26/02/2016