The Parking Partnership

The Parking Partnership brings together all street-based parking services in Essex. The service is council-run and is a partnership between Essex County Council and two lead councils: It is in two areas; the North Partnership is led by Colchester Council and the South Partnership by Chelmsford Council. The aim is to run parking enforcement to a fair and consistent standard in order to provide the same level of service but in a more efficient way. The two Partnerships are responsible in each area for the on-street Civil Enforcement Officers ("traffic wardens"); the parking enforcement process together with challenges to, and payments of, parking penalties ("parking fines") plus administration of the parking restrictions ("yellow lines") and the management of the scheme.

Best Practice Review - January 2015

A review of the Parking Parnerships began on 18 November 2014 and concluded on 15 December 2014. This represents the first review into the effectiveness of the two Essex Parking Parnerships and was conducted by gathering key insights from key stakeholders.  This document can be downloaded from the box below.

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