Section 58 restrictions

Section 58 restriction is a restriction under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 that prevents utility companies digging up the road for a pre-determined period once substantial roadworks, carried out by the highway authority, have been completed.

Utility companies are notified at least 3 months in advance of these works to give them time to complete any necessary works prior to the substantial roadworks taking place. During the course of the restriction works can only be undertaken with the Authority’s permission and in certain circumstances.

On this page you can view the restrictions

Our current Section 58 notices

Various Roads - Machine, Micro Surfacing and Surface Dressing

Three months advance notice is hereby given that Essex Highways intend to carry out the following substantial works for road purposes.

USRNRoad NameAreaLocationDescriptionStart Date
3900824Goldingham DriveBraintree and BockingFrom Junc Milton Avenue to o/s Community CentreMachine Surfacing04/04/2022 00:00:00
8901632Severalls LaneColchesterFrom Severalls Lane Caravan Park to Junc Severalls Lane LanghamMachine Surfacing08/04/2022
8901631Severalls LaneBoxtedWhole USRN From Junc Severalls Lane Colchester to Junc Langham Road BoxtedMachine Surfacing08/04/2022
3901120Lakes RoadBraintree and BockingWhole USRN From Junc Manor Street to Junc Chapel HillMachine Surfacing12/04/2022
3900588Cypress RoadWithamWhole USRN From Junc Braintree Road to Junc Forest RoadMachine Surfacing20/04/2022
39900877High StreetWalton-on-the-NazeFrom Junc Portobello Road to Junc Princes EsplanadeMachine Surfacing26/04/2022
39900798Hall LaneWalton-on-the-NazeFrom o/s Gothic Cottage to Junc Princes EsplanadeMachine Surfacing28/04/2022
39901469Princes EsplanadeWalton-on-the-NazeWhole USRN from Junc Hall Lane to Junc The ParadeMachine Surfacing28/04/2022
39901380The ParadeWalton-on-the-NazeFrom Junc Princes Esplanade to o/s The DorlingsMachine Surfacing28/04/2022
6300687Oxford RoadCanvey IslandWhole USRN from Junc High Street to end of Highway BoundaryMachine Surfacing01/04/2022
6300730Rainbow RoadCanvey IslandWhole USRN from Junc Larup Avenue to Junc Mitchells AvenueMachine Surfacing05/04/2022
6300160Chamberlain AvenueCanvey IslandWhole USRN from Junc Rainbow Road to Junc High StreetMachine Surfacing05/04/2022
6300607May AvenueCanvey IslandFrom Junc High Street to Junc Hilbery RoadMachine Surfacing06/04/2022
24300806Spital RoadMaldonFrom o/s No 91 to Junc High StreetMachine Surfacing08/04/2022
6300897Surig RoadCanvey IslandFrom Junc Urmond Road to Junc Daarle AvenueMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
6300905Sydervelt RoadCanvey IslandWhole USRN from Junc Thisselt Road to Junc Long RoadMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
6300238Daarle AvenueCanvey IslandWhole USRN from Junc Tilburg Road to Junc Borrett AvenueMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
6300594Maple WayCanvey IslandFrom Junc Link Road to Junc Almond WalkMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
6301170Kents Hill Road SouthBenfleetFrom surf joint Nth of Bowers Road to Sth of mini RAB Junc AlmereMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
4200409Ingrave RoadBrentwoodFrom Junc A1023 to o/s No 79Machine Surfacing22/04/2022
4200648Queens RoadBrentwoodFrom Junc Ingrave Road to o/s No 91Machine Surfacing22/04/2022
4200524Middleton Hall LaneBrentwoodFrom Junc Ingrave Road to Junc Priests LaneMachine Surfacing22/04/2022
4200706Seven Arches RoadBrentwoodFrom Junc Ingrave Road to Junc The ChaseMachine Surfacing22/04/2022
13801700Lee GroveChigwell Whole USRN from Junc Chigwell Rise to end of Highway BoundaryMachine Surfacing04/04/2022
41400510Gibson WaySaffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Abbey Lane to Junc Gibson GardensMachine Surfacing07/04/2022
41400509Gibson GardensSaffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Gibson Way to end of Highway BoundaryMachine Surfacing07/04/2022
41400508Gibson CloseSaffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Gibson Way to Junc Gibson WauMachine Surfacing07/04/2022
41400786Margaret WaySaffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Gibson Way to Junc High StreetMachine Surfacing07/04/2022
13801751Turpins LaneChigwellFrom j/w A113 to o/s No 105Machine Surfacing08/04/2022
13801670Fontayne AvenueChigwellFrom Junc Lechmere Avenue to o/s No 38Machine Surfacing14/04/2022
2001250Swan LaneWickfordWhole USRN from Junc Church End Lane to Junc The BroadwayMachine Surfacing20/04/2022
3901486Panners RoundaboutBraintree and BockingWhole USRNMachine Surfacing09/05/2022
3902537Panners RoundaboutGt NotleyWhole USRNMachine Surfacing09/05/2022
39901179Marine Parade WestClacton On SeaFrom Junc Edith Road to Junc Pier AvenueMachine Surfacing11/05/2022
39901178Marine Parade EastClacton On SeaFrom Junc Pier Avenue to Junc Orwell RoadMachine Surfacing11/05/2022
39900015Agate RoadClacton On SeaFrom Junc Marine Parade West to o/s No 21Machine Surfacing11/05/2022
39901179Marine Parade WestClacton On SeaFrom 20m NE of Tower Road to Junc Wash LaneMachine Surfacing12/05/2022
3901942Swan StreetSible HedinghamRetaining wall at south side of Cygnet Court to o/s The Straw YardMachine Surfacing27/05/2022
32200723Rawreth LaneRayleighFrom Ent to NHS Rawreth Court to Junc Rawreth Lane RawrethMachine Surfacing03/05/2022
32200724Rawreth LaneRawrethFrom Junc Rawreth Lane Rayleigh to surf joint nr SL30Machine Surfacing03/05/2022
32201263Priory ChaseRayleighFrom Junc Rawreth Lane to end of High Friction SurfacingMachine Surfacing03/05/2022
32200373Greensward LaneHockleyWhole USRN from Junc Spa Road to Junc Greensward Lane AshingdonMachine Surfacing11/05/2022
32200372Greensward LaneAshingdonFrom Junc Greensward Lane Hockley to Junc Harrogate RoadMachine Surfacing11/05/2022
32200818Spa RoadHockleyFrom Junc Eldon Way to Junc Greensward LaneMachine Surfacing11/05/2022
2001801Outwood Common RoadGt Burstead and South GreenFrom A129 Southend Road to 30m past Greens Farm LaneMachine Surfacing04/05/2022
2001664Greens Farm LaneBillericayFrom Junc Outwood Common Road for 70mMachine Surfacing04/05/2022
13801549Gladstone RoadBuckhurst HillWhole USRN from Junc A121 to Russell RoadMachine Surfacing09/05/2022
2001541BridlewayBillericayWhole USRN From Junc Potash Road to Junc BrooksideMachine Surfacing12/05/2022
2001651GlencreeBillericayWhole USRN From Junc Bridleway to end of highwayMachine Surfacing12/05/2022
41400913Ongar RoadGreat DunmowFrom o/s No 38 to Lukins Mead RABMachine Surfacing18/05/2022
41400913Lukins Mead RABGreat DunmowWhole USRNMachine Surfacing18/05/2022
41402243The StreetTakelyFrom o/s No 4 Pincey Brook Cottages to to o/s Oak ViewMachine Surfacing20/05/2022
41400220The CausewayGreat DunmowFrom RAB with The Downs to Adj 10 Godfrey WayMachine Surfacing24/05/2022
13801629Abridge RoadChigwell60m NE of Topgolf Entrance to last bend before Chigwell LaneMachine Surfacing30/05/2022
3901633Rayne Road BraintreeWhole USRN from Junc Pods Brook Road to Junc Bank StreetMachine Surfacing08/06/2022
3901547Pierrefitte WayBraintreeFrom Junc Rayne Road for 72mMachine Surfacing08/06/2022
3900466Coggeshall RoadBraintreeFrom Junc Bank Street to o/s No 16Machine Surfacing08/06/2022
8900151Berechurch Hall RoadColchesterFrom Junc Mersea Road to Junc Lethe GroveMachine Surfacing23/06/2022
8901212Mersea RoadColchesterFrom Junc Berechurch Hall Road to Junc Mersea Road Side RoadMachine Surfacing23/06/2022
6601084Main RoadBroomfieldFrom Junc Broomhall Lane to Junc Mill LaneMachine Surfacing22/06/2022
4200576William Hunter WayBrentwoodWhole USRN from Junc Western Avenue to Junc Ongar RoadMachine Surfacing30/06/2022
4200863Wester RoadBrentwoodFrom Junc Weald Road for 150mMachine Surfacing30/06/2022
13801763Alderton HillLoughtonFrom Roundabout @ Station Road to o/s No 19Machine Surfacing06/06/2022
13800645High RoadEppingFrom 55m N of Bury Road to No 13Machine Surfacing10/06/2022
13800645High RoadEppingAcross Junc Crown Hill from surface dressing joint adj bus stop to the cycle signMachine Surfacing10/06/2022
13801353Theydon RoadEppingFrom Junc High Road to Junc Invy Chimneys RoadMachine Surfacing10/06/2022
16500099Elizabeth WayHarlowFrom Junc Roydon Road to Junc Third AvenueMachine Surfacing22/06/2022
3900205Bovingdon RoadBraintreeWhole USRN From Junc Church Street to Beazley EndMicro Surfacing20/06/2022
3907019Beazley EndWethersefieldFrom Bovingdon Road to Junc Park Hall RoadMicro Surfacing20/06/2022
3900167Blackwater WayBraintreeWhole USRN from Junc Julien Court Road to end of Blackwater WayMicro Surfacing26/06/2022
3901316Milton AvenueBraintreeWhole USRN from Junc Masefield Road to Goldingham DriveMicro Surfacing27/06/2022
3900468Coggeshall RoadEarls ColneFrom Junc America Road to Junc Upper Holt StreetMicro Surfacing28/06/2022
3907202Halstead RoadColne EngaineWhole USRN from Brook Street, Colne Engaine to Brook Street HalsteadMicro Surfacing04/07/2022
3900275Brook StreetHalsteadWhole USRN from Junc Fenn Road to Junc Halstead RoadMicro Surfacing04/07/2022
3900273Brook StreetColne EngaineFrom Junc Halstead Road to Junc ShellcroftMicro Surfacing04/07/2022
6600393Chignal RoadChigal SmealyFrom Junc Copperfield Road to Junc Hollow LaneMicro Surfacing07/07/2022
6600393Chignal RoadChigal SmealyFrom Ent to Broomwood Manor to triangle island at Mashbury Road (Bedells Cross)Micro Surfacing08/07/2022
6600573Dowsett LaneRamsden HeathFrom Surf Joint south of Junct with Allens Lane and Surf Joint south of Ent to Beebrook FarmMicro Surfacing12/07/2022
2002022FieldwayPitseaWhole USRN from Junc Brackendale Avenue to end of Cul-de-Sac.Micro Surfacing13/07/2022
13801217Sheering Lower RoadSheeringFrom Junc Back Lane to Junc Sheering RoadMicro Surfacing14/07/2022
13801028Ongar RoadLambourneFrom 50m East of New Farm Drive to Junc Ongar Road, Stapleford AbbotsMicro Surfacing19/07/2022
13801030Ongar RoadStapleford AbbotsWhole USRN from Junc Ongar Road, Lambourne to Passingford Bridge RABMicro Surfacing19/07/2022
24301011Cold Norton RoadCold NortonWhole USRN from Junc Latchingdon Road to Junc Cold Norton Road, PurleighMicro Surfacing24/07/2022
24301038Cold Norton RoadPurleighWhole USRN from Cold Norton Road, Cold Norton to The StreetMicro Surfacing24/07/2022
24301366Cold Norton RoadLatchingdonWhole USRN between both sections of Cold Norton Road, PurleighMicro Surfacing24/07/2022
24300121Burnham RoadPurleighWhole USRN from Junc Fambridge Road to Burnham Road, MundonMicro Surfacing27/07/2022
24301362Burnham RoadMundonWhole USRN from Junc Burnham Road, Purleigh to Junc Maldon RoadMicro Surfacing27/07/2022
24301287Maldon RoadLatchingdonWhole USRN from Junc Maldon Road, Mundon to Junc Cold Norton RoadMicro Surfacing27/07/2022
24301403Main RoadMundonFrom Junc Burnham Road to Ent to Limbourne Park StablesMicro Surfacing27/07/2022
8900084Athelstan RoadColchesterWhole USRN from Junc Maldon Road to Junc Irvine RoadMachine Surfacing25/07/2022
8900982Irvine RoadColchesterWhole USRN from Junc Athelstan Road to Junc Shrub End RoadMachine Surfacing25/07/2022
8900088Audley RoadColchesterWhole USRN from Junc Athelstan Road to Capel RoadMachine Surfacing25/07/2022
8900309Capel RoadColchesterWhole USRN from Junc Maldon Road to Junc Irvine RoadMachine Surfacing25/07/2022
6601718Sunrise AvenueChelmsfordFrom o/s No 1 to o/s No 21Machine Surfacing14/07/2022
6600577The DriveChelmsfordWhole USRN from Junc Sunrise Avenue to Junc Broomfield RoadMachine Surfacing14/07/2022
6601338ParkwayChelmsfordFrom Broomfield Road Northbound to Rectory Lane SouthboundMachine Surfacing18/07/2022
6601453Rectory LaneChelmsfordFrom Broomfield Road Southbound to Chelmer Valley RoadMachine Surfacing18/07/2022
6600360Chelmer Valley Road (Northbound)ChelmsfordFrom Rectory Lane to Surface Joint at 50mph signMachine Surfacing18/07/2022
6600964Lady LaneChelmsfordWhole USRN from Junc Van Diemens Road to Junc Mildmay RoadMachine Surfacing11/07/2022
41401335Winstanley RoadSaffron WaldenFrom Junc Peasland Road to Junc Cromwell RoadMachine Surfacing05/07/2022
41400368Cromwell RoadSaffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Winstanley Road to Junc Landscape ViewMachine Surfacing05/07/2022
2001788Norsey RoadBillericayFrom o/s No 54 to o/s No 50/50aMachine Surfacing07/07/2022
2001708Jacksons LaneBillericayWhole USRN from Junc Norsey road to Junc Meadow RiseMachine Surfacing07/07/2022
2001926Valley RoadBillericayFrom Junc High Meadow to Junc Meadow RiseMachine Surfacing07/07/2022
2001760Meadow RiseBillericayWhole USRN from Junc Valley Road to Junc HillwayMachine Surfacing07/07/2022
2001693HillwayBillericayWhole USRN from Junc Meadow Rise to Junc Outward Common RoadMachine Surfacing07/07/2022
2000532GhyllgroveBasildonFrom Junc Audley Way to RAB o/s Pioneer SchoolMachine Surfacing20/07/2022
24300310Fambridge RoadPurleighFrom Junc Blind Lane to Fambridge Road HazeleighMicro Surfacing01/08/2022
24300307Fambridge RoadHazeleighWhole USRN From Fambridge Road Purleigh to Fambridge Road MaldonMicro Surfacing01/08/2022
24300308Fambridge RoadMaldonFambridge Road Hazeleigh to Junc Sunderland AvenueMicro Surfacing01/08/2022
39900375Clacton RoadLittle OakleyWhole USRN from Junc Hawich Road Little Oakley to Harwich Road Great OakleyMicro Surfacing30/08/2022
39900827Harwich RoadGreat OakleyFrom Clacton Road to Surface Joint West of Dock LaneMicro Surfacing30/08/2022
24300310Fambridge RoadPurleighFrom Junc Blind Lane to Fambridge Road HazeleighMicro Surfacing01/08/2022
24300307Fambridge RoadHazeleighWhole USRN From Fambridge Road Purleigh to Fambridge Road MaldonMicro Surfacing01/08/2022
24300308Fambridge RoadMaldonFambridge Road Hazeleigh to Junc Sunderland AvenueMicro Surfacing01/08/2022
39900375Clacton RoadLittle OakleyWhole USRN from Junc Hawich Road Little Oakley to Harwich Road Great OakleyMicro Surfacing30/08/2022
39900827Harwich RoadGreat OakleyFrom Clacton Road to Surface Joint West of Dock LaneMicro Surfacing30/08/2022
8902910A133 St Andrew's AvenueColchesterApprox 700m each side of Junc Boundary RoadMachine Surfacing03/08/2022
3901809Spinks LaneWithamWhole USRN from Junc Bridge Street to Junc Highfields RoadMachine Surfacing05/08/2022
8900523Crouch Street EastColchesterWhole USRN from Junc Headgate to Junc Balkern HillMachine Surfacing15/08/2022
8900878HeadgateColchesterWhole USRN from Junc Southway to Junc Head StreetMachine Surfacing15/08/2022
8900876Head StreetColchesterWhole USRN from Junc Headgate to Junc High StreetMachine Surfacing15/08/2022
6600585Victoria Road SouthChelmsfordFrom Junc Duke Street to Junc Burgess SpringsMachine Surfacing01/08/2022
24300637North StreetSouthminsterWhole USRN from Junc Station Road to Junc North EndMachine Surfacing03/08/2022
24300634North EndSouthminsterFrom Junc North Street to o/s No 3Machine Surfacing03/08/2022
24300708Queenborough RoadSouthminsterFrom Junc North Street to o/s No 2Machine Surfacing03/08/2022
8901157Maldon RoadTiptreeFrom Junc Maldon Road Tolleshunt Major to 30n NE of Junc Braxted Park RoadMachine Surfacing08/08/2022
24300543Maldon RoadTolleshunt MajorFrom Junc Maldon Road Tiptree to Junc Loamy Hill RoadMachine Surfacing08/08/2022
24300939Washington RoadMaldonFrom Junc Fambridge Road to Cumbernauld AvenueMachine Surfacing09/08/2022
24300232Cumbernauld RoadMaldonWhole USRN from Junc Washington Road to Junc Viking RoadMachine Surfacing09/08/2022
24300921Viking RoadMaldonFrom Junc Cumbernauld Road to Junc Essex RoadMachine Surfacing09/08/2022
6600905Hullbridge RoadSouth Woodham FerrersFrom j/w Brent Avenue to Mini RAB Clements Green LaneMachine Surfacing19/08/2022
13801683Hainault RoadChigwellFrom o/s 73/75 to Junc Manor RoadMachine Surfacing17/08/2022
13801669Fencepeice RoadChigwellFrom Junc Manor Road to end of Highway Boundary nr Junc Tudor CrescentMachine Surfacing17/08/2022
13801703LinksideChigwellWhole USRN from Junc Hainault Road to endMachine Surfacing17/08/2022
13801711Manor RoadChigwellFrom o/s No 95/97 to Junc St Winifreds CloseMachine Surfacing17/08/2022
3900985High StreetKelvedonFrom Junc London Road to Junc Bellingham PlaceMachine Surfacing26/09/2022 00:00:00
3901190London RoadKelvedonFrom Junc High Street to Junc The CloistersMachine Surfacing26/09/2022 00:00:00
13801748Tomswood RoadChigwellFrom o/s Birch House to Surfacing Joint at boundaryMachine Surfacing12/09/2022 00:00:00
16500565Third AvenueHarlowWestbound Carriagway between Second Avenue and Haydens Road inc whole RAB at Junc Haydens RoadMachine Surfacing29/09/2022 00:00:00
16500378Second AvenueHarlowApproach to A1019 RAB - Left hand lane of two from a joint to the roundabout circleMachine Surfacing29/09/2022 00:00:00
16500378Second AvenueHarlowWhole RAB at Junc Manston Road inc 35m on east arm & 5m of west arm of A1025Machine Surfacing23/09/2022 00:00:00
16500234Manston RoadHarlowFrom Junc Second Avenue for 60mMachine Surfacing23/09/2022 00:00:00
13802209Sewardstone Road RABWaltham AbbeyWhole USRNMachine Surfacing19/09/2022 00:00:00
13801212Sewardstone RoadWaltham AbbeyFrom Junc Sewardstone Road RAB to Junc Avey LaneMachine Surfacing19/09/2022 00:00:00
3900359Chapel HillHalsteadWhole USRN From Junc Trinity Street to Junc Beridge RoadMachine Surfacing11/10/2022 00:00:00
39900209Brantham RoadLawfordSurf jt South of underpass to Surf jt North of underpassMachine Surfacing07/10/2022 00:00:00
8903048Cuckoo Farm WayColchesterFrom From Northern RAB @ A12 J28 to RAB @ Axial WayMachine Surfacing04/10/2022 00:00:00
6601241New StreetChelmsfordFrom Tindal Square to Junc Victoria RoadMachine Surfacing24/10/2022 00:00:00
6601862Waterloo StreetChelmsfordFrom Junc New Street to end of highway boundaryMachine Surfacing24/10/2022 00:00:00
2000666Hyde WayWickfordWhole USRN from Junc Nevendon Road to Junc Park DriveMachine Surfacing24/10/2022 00:00:00
2000972Park DriveWickfordFrom jw Nevendon Road to East of Cedar AvenueMachine Surfacing24/10/2022 00:00:00
2002064Nevendon RoadWickfordFrom Junc Hyde Way (N) to adj No 206Machine Surfacing12/10/2022 00:00:00
2000168The BroadwayWickfordFrom o/s No 9 to Junc Runwell RoadMachine Surfacing07/10/2022 00:00:00
2002086Runwell RoadWickfordFrom Junc The Broadway to Junc Runwell Road RABMachine Surfacing07/10/2022 00:00:00
2000720Laindon LinkBasildonFrom Junc Drakes Road to East of Laindon Link RABMachine Surfacing31/10/2022 00:00:00
2002114Tyler AvenueBasildonFrom Junc Laindon Link for 32mMachine Surfacing31/10/2022 00:00:00
2000589HaterillBasildonFrom Junc Laindon Link up to and including RAB at Winter FolleyMachine Surfacing31/10/2022 00:00:00
13801748Tomswood RoadChigwellFrom o/s Birch House to Surfacing Joint at boundaryMachine Surfacing01/11/2022 00:00:00
39900260The BurySt OsythFrom Junc Colchester Road to Junc Church SquareMachine Surfacing14/11/2022 00:00:00
39900421Colchester RoadSt OsythFrom Junc The Bury to o/s No 4Machine Surfacing14/11/2022 00:00:00
6300570Lionel RoadCanvey IslandFrom Junc Fairlop Avenue to Junc Furtherwick roadMachine Surfacing09/01/2023 00:00:00
USRNRoad NameAreaLocationDescriptionStart Date