Safer, Greener, Healthier Cycling

Not only is cycling a brilliant way to stay fit and a cheap form of travel, it also makes us feel happier! That’s according to a survey by Bike is Best, the campaign run by the Cycling Marketing Board, who asked cyclists to choose four reasons why they ride their bike. 

  • The results were:
    • Make the planet healthier – 13%
    • Keep fit – 27%
    • Save money – 6%
    • Feel happier – 54%

As part of the Safer Greener Healthier ambition, we are working on various projects to encourage everyone in Essex to get on their bikes – whether they’re cycling to school or work, cycling for pleasure or cycling to stay fit. 

Debunking cycling myths (source: Bike is Best campaign)

Cycling is dangerous

Statistically, cycling is a safe activity and serious injuries are rare.
While more needs to be done to make streets more accommodating for bikes, most people find their confidence quickly.

You have to be fit to cycle

Cycling is a low impact activity and you take it at your own pace.

Bike lanes create more traffic

The boss of Cycling UK estimates one lane of a road can carry 2k cars per hour or 14k bikes.

You can’t carry stuff on a bike

With a few additions to your bike like a trailer, basket, racks or pannier bags, you can transport most things on your bike.
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