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Who is reponsible for my road?

Who is responsible for my road?

The Highway Records service provides information on the extent and status of highway according to Essex County Council’s records. The List of Streets is named after Section 36 of the Highways Act 1980 which requires the Highway Authority to keep a register of highways which are maintainable at public expense. This list is published every April with any updates added to the list on a monthly basis. 

A copy of the list is available for inspection at your local Borough or District Council offices and at County Hall in Chelmsford. You can view the list, including the most recent updates below. 

You can also download the Section 36 Guidance Notes at the bottom of this page.

To view which roads we are responsible for, go to our Highways Information Map, then click on Assets, then Highway Records. (You would need to accept the terms and conditions to view the map.)

List of Streets

Please click on a link to view the list for that district as of April 2020, with the most recent updates included:

This publication lists roads only and does not include independent footways, cycle tracks, footpaths, bridleways or byways.

Whilst the purpose of the Register is to list all maintainable highways, the publication also incorporates details of other ways in respect of which the highway authority has no maintenance obligation.

For the purpose of the list, such ways are described as follows:

  • Private Street where the way is considered to be a highway i.e. a way over which the public have rights of passage with or without vehicles 
  • Private Road where the way is not considered to be a highway i.e. there are no known or recognised public rights

The list is not exhaustive and includes those ways that have come to notice of the highway authority.

For more information regarding roads and footpaths in Castle Point District, please see the documents section below. 

Index of Road Classification

  • Motorway - Motorway
  • A Road - A roads, including trunk, principal and primary routes
  • B Road - B Road
  • Class Ill - Classified unnumbered
  • Unclassified - highways maintainable at the public expense that do not apply under the provisions of Section 12 Highways Act 1980
  • Private Street - non-maintainable public highway
  • Private Road - all rights and responsibilities are private
  • S38 - roads that have been constructed under Section 38 Highways Act 1980 and are yet to be adopted 

If you have any queries relating to information found within these documents, please contact the Highways Records Team