28 March 2022 Progress Update

North Hall Road - Progress update

We have received and reviewed the preliminary design for works to North Hall Road and are satisfied with the proposal. Therefore, we instructed our contractors to carry out the next task of completing the submission documents to the Environment Agency.

The full application was submitted in March 2022 and consultations will be held with the Environment Agency to ensure that we gain approvals for the preferred design. We anticipate the consultation period and approval time to be between 8-12 weeks.

We have also discussed the preferred option with the utility companies whose apparatus is within close proximity to the works location, and they have accepted our proposed design.

The necessary vegetation works were carried out within the Highway land in February 2022 to avoid bird nesting season. Please be assured we are working very closely with the design and build contractor and as soon as we receive a detailed construction programme we will be able to share this information.