Applications to modify the Definitive Map

The Definitive Map is held under constant review by Essex Legal Services. Anyone can make a formal application for it to be modified for these reasons;

  • To add a public path that has been established but which is not shown
  • To remove a public path which has been shown in error
  • To alter the route of a public path where there has been a historic drafting error on the map
  • To change the status of a public path if it is shown incorrectly (e.g. a footpath to a bridleway)
  • To correct any recorded details of a Public Right of Way, where they are recorded incorrectly

For a list of current and past applications please see The Register of Applications to Modify the Definitive Map below.

There is no charge for making an application to modify the Definitive Map, but it must be accompanied by the necessary evidence to support the application. If you wish to make an application, you will find the all the forms you need in the download box below. The Application Form Guidance gives more information.

Applications should be sent to:

Essex Legal Services
Seax House
Victoria Road South

For any further information, please email Essex Legal Services at or telephone 03330 139993.

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