Highways graphic NHS tribute on A1016, Chelmer Valley Road

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Henderson & Taylor have painted a poignant message on the road surface at Chelmer Valley Road this week, to thank NHS key workers and carers for their unstinting efforts supporting us all through the current health emergency.

With their site offices being so close to the Chelmsford Ambulance Station they have seen the high volume of call outs the ambulance crews are responding to.

This message is temporary because the road will be resurfaced later in the scheme, however we are happy it reflects the lasting respect and appreciation we all have for the NHS, care staff and keyworkers that are working so hard to keep us safe day and night.

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Chelmer Valley Road

Works Location

About the Scheme

Chelmer Valley Road is a key route connecting the north of Chelmsford into the city and connects to the Chelmer Valley Park and Ride. The scheme extended from Alan Cherry Drive through to the Lawn Lane Roundabout.

Traffic flows in the area had been increasing over the past few years and with the significant planned growth in the north of Chelmsford at Beaulieu Park and Channels, it was thought that future traffic levels would add significant pressure to Chelmer Valley Road. Because of this traffic congestion, particularly between Parkway and the Valley Bridge, journeys along the Chelmer Valley Road corridor were up to 49% slower during peak periods. Buses, including Park and Ride buses, use Chelmer Valley Road but were often caught up in the traffic congestion.

To support these services now and into the future, a dedicated bus lane was installed to reduce journey times and improve reliability for the Park and Ride buses. This bus lane was located northbound from the University junction (Alan Cherry Drive) to Valley Bridge roundabout and then northeast bound to join with the existing bus lane to the south of Lawn Lane junction.

This work was part of a £15 million Chelmsford City Growth Package of improvements designed to alleviate pressure on Chelmsford’s road network. 

The works

The work installed a combination of embankment works and carriageway re-allocations between Alan Cherry Drive and Valley Bridge roundabout. The existing two-lane northbound approach to Valley Bridge roundabout for all traffic was extended, increasing capacity and improving safety, particularly for vehicles entering the Valley Bridge roundabout.

The existing northbound Park and Ride bus lane approaching Lawn Lane roundabout was extended southwards towards the Valley Bridge roundabout via a combination of embankment works and carriageway re-allocation. This will assist in maintaining journey time reliability and highway capacity as the northern growth area develops.

Complementing the scheme, a developer-funded southbound bus lane from the Lawn Lane roundabout towards Valley Bridge roundabout was installed to extend the existing southbound provision.


This scheme was delivered as part of the Chelmsford City Growth Package. For information about the other schemes as part of this package, please visit Chelmsford City Growth Package.