B1022 Maldon Road Widening (Colchester Zoo Access)

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About the scheme:

The public entrance to Colchester Zoo is located on Elephant Way, a side road on the south side of B1022 Maldon Road. The main flow of traffic visiting the Zoo travel along B1022 Maldon Road in an eastbound direction from Warren Lane as it is part of the signed route from the A12. The waiting area for the right turn into Elephant Way is approximately one-metre-wide, so any vehicles using this facility block the main road and as a result can cause long queues (especially during peak visitor periods to the zoo) which can cause frustration for network users.

The scheme aims to reduce congestion on the Essex network which is caused by vehicles who are waiting to turn right into Colchester Zoo from the B1022 Maldon Road.  In order to achieve this carriageway widening works on the south side of the B1022 Maldon Road will be undertaken which will allow sufficient width for a dedicated right turn lane to be installed.

Additional works on the B1022 Maldon Road will be undertaken to move the affected bus stop outside the zoo entrance to a more suitable location and to upgrade the existing carriageway surface.

The work is planned to be undertaken over a period of approximately 5 weeks starting in Spring 2019. Please note that any figures provided are only indicative at this early stage in the design process and may be subject to change as the project develops.

Further Information:

The latest updates about these works will be reflected on site signage and updated to this webpage.

For details about other roadworks in the area please visit: www.roadworks.org