A127 Warley Junction Improvements

Progress Update - 01 March 2019: A127 Warley Junction Improvements - Scheme Pause

With regret, Essex County Council has decided it must pause the continuation of the A127/B186 Warley Junction improvement scheme until further notice. There are a number of factors which have influenced members to reach this difficult decision, these reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Overall financial pressures within the highway scheme portfolio and changes to funding methods and criteria.
  • Pressure on ECC funding from another highway scheme which is currently on site and requires significant additional funding.
  • Positive conversations are currently being conducted between ECC, The Department for Transport and Highways England about either re-trunking the A127 and/or funding significant improvements to the corridor and its associated junctions. 

We recognise that this scheme is important to improve the safety, capacity and congestion issues that currently arise at the junction. We will be looking into additional funding sources and potentially re-ordering the highways programme to allow for this scheme to be resurrected and to be re-tendered.

Works Location

 (Map Facing North)




Approach to the B186 Warley Street from the A127 Westbound


A127 Overbridge on B186 Warley Street


Slip Road from the A127 Westbound to the B186 Warley Street

About the scheme

The A127 London to Southend Arterial Road is a major strategic route between East London and Southend, also it provides one of the two main access routes into the southern part of the county, including Thurrock. As a result, the A127 corridor is heavily congested during peak periods and regularly experiences queueing at various locations along its length. With predicted housing and economic growth over the next 10 years and beyond, this will naturally lead to an increase in traffic on all roads in Essex. This includes more specifically the Basildon and Brentwood Areas that are served by the A127 corridor, which are currently subject to a large amount of growth, both commercial and residential expansion. The scheme is part of a range of measures to improve the A127 corridor.

The "A127 Warley Junction Improvements" scheme aims to improve and future proof the A127 / B186 Warley junction, and to provide improved additional capacity to accommodate the increases in traffic due to the industrial expansions both north and south of the junction. The scheme will also address the collision risk which has been highlighted due to evidence of road users experiencing poor visibility at the junction. 

The existing 40 mph speed limit will be extended through the junctions in a generally southerly direction to a point approximately 100m south of the junction with Church Lane as an additional means to help reduce collision risk. In order to achieve this, carriageway widening works will be undertaken in addition to installation of permanent traffic signals at both junctions; this will allow for additional lanes to be created on the B186 for the traffic wishing to turn right onto the A127. 

The work will be undertaken in a phased approach over a period of approximately 18 months. Please be aware that some details will be subject to change as the design process for the project continues. The scheme drawings can be viewed at the bottom of this page.


Further Information


Updates will be available via this webpage including changes to the work programme, details regarding traffic arrangements as well as local signage.  

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