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Changes to Colchester Bus Stops

With effect from 21 October changes were made to Colchester Bus Stops?


Why did these changes take place? 

When the on street bus station in Osborne Street and Stanwell Street was created, bus services were allocated to bus stops at the new interchange and around the Town Centre to regulate their use.

As the bus network around Colchester has developed, the number of buses using individual bus stops has grown due to increased service frequency and the introduction of new routes. It became clear that this was making it difficult for both buses and the public to use the bus stops effectively.  It is also reduced the attractiveness, reliability and economic viability of the town’s bus services.

We worked closely with the bus operators to resolve many of the issues.  It was agreed to alter the allocations of services to bus stops at the bus station and around the Town Centre. Measures have included opening up the spare capacity on the current Park & Ride only stops and grouping services that serve common corridors on the same stops. This has the aim of reducing the pressure at key stops, improving service reliability, improving passenger safety when boarding and reducing pollution around the Town.

As a result of the changes the majority of bus stops have fewer services calling at them. However a small number of stops have more services calling at them, these stops were either previously underused or are better suited to deal with the increased number of buses than the previous arrangements.

The layout of the Colchester Bus stops

Better information

The changes also provided the opportunity to alter the wording on bus flags and to upgrade information availability at the stops. Individual service timetables are displayed at each stop.

As part of the simplification process, instead of putting bus service numbers on the bus stop flags, a common route corridor has been added to help users identify where the buses using that stop will be going. This corridor description either indicates the direction of travel of the services at the stop or shows the ultimate destinations.

Where can I catch my bus?

Please refer to the printable PDF leaflet below.

To assist with any queries, please see frequently asked questions below. 

There is an Easy Read leaflet at the end of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the question to reveal/hide the answer:

What bus stops are affected by the changes?
Why are these changes being made?
How have the stop allocations been decided?
Will my bus still stop at the same places as before?
Has Colchester Park & Ride changed stopping arrangements? 
Will bus times be changing?
If bus timetables are not changing how will these changes improve the current situation?
Where do we need to go to catch our bus?
Why have the route numbers been removed from Town Centre bus stop flags?
Why was there no formal public consultation about these changes?
What if I am unhappy with the changes?
There are the same number of buses using the stops as now - won’t this just move the problem?
What happens now?