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4 February 2021 Latest News

Public Rights of Way Coronavirus Update

The PROW network is currently under significant pressure from the increase in usage caused by lockdown coupled with a period of sustained rainfall this winter. 

Whilst enquiry volumes remain well above average there may be some delay to investigation, assessment and responses to enquiries relating to all aspects of PROW, Highway Records and Public Path Order work. Urgent safety-related enquiries and works remain our priority in order that we focus on keeping the network safe.

During a period of extreme wet weather, please understand that there is little we can do to alleviate surface issues until water levels subside. We would always advise wearing suitable footwear and to avoid the worst affected areas, if possible. 

Due to a higher than normal volume of enquiries currently being raised regarding our Public Rights of Way network we are currently prioritising safety related issues for inspection. Please be aware that all non-safety related reports will be addressed as resources become available.

We are continuing to support Government in their efforts to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. The PROW team continue to undertake home-based working wherever possible, avoiding unnecessary travel, and all face to face meetings both internally and externally are currently suspended.

Thank you for your continued support for your PROW network.