Essex Highways, Safer, Greener, Healthier

Jaywick Sands to Clacton Pier consultation

Our ambition is to make Essex a safer, greener and healthier place where people choose to walk or cycle rather than automatically jump in the car, especially for shorter journeys.

We know that many Essex residents are concerned about traffic congestion, air pollution and road safety and are currently working on a number of schemes across the county to encourage more walking and cycling.

In the summer of 2021, we undertook a consultation on the Clacton to Jaywick Cycle route which included the proposal to transform the current route between Jaywick Sands and the National Cycle Route 150 into a shared cycle route. The aim is to make it as safe and accessible as possible for everybody accessing the route along the sea wall from the Tamarisk way car park to connect with the National Cycle Route 150. We then undertook a second consultation to ask additional questions concerning this aspect of our proposals to ensure we captured local feeing and get evidence for future funding bids. 133 responses were received for the first consultation and 70 for the second consultation.

We also took the opportunity to gather information and support from residents about disability access, which will allow us to look at desired improvements if funding can be secured in the future.

As part of the first consultation and discussions with stakeholders the decision has been taken to remove the proposed phase 2 section (Clacton Pier to the station via Carnarvon road) from this scheme.  As a result we are now exploring further potential accessibility improvements and works in Jaywick to ensure we deliver value for money as part of the Getting Building Fund allowance.

Following both consultations and based on the feedback we received, we propose the following:

Jaywick Sands to Clacton

  • Undertake revetment stabilisation works on the land side, to help prevent sand blowing onto the new cycle track
  • Install off-grid lighting columns (wind and solar-powered) along sea wall section to improve safety and visibility 
  • Install a new asphalt cycle track along the section from Jaywick to Sellesey Avenue, Clacton
  • Install additional way-finding signage
  • Install Sustainable urban Drainage Solution (SuDS) along part of the route


  • Undertake surface repairs (as required) along Clacton Sea promenade
  • Install additional wayfinding signage along the route to clearly mark out both the proposed and the existing cycle routes
  • Undertake slope stabilisation works (Gabion baskets) along section of the route by the car park (behind Toby Carvery)

If budget/time allows, we would like to:

  • Undertake a feasibility study on access improvements in Jaywick (possibly Badminton Road) to give options and level 1 costings for future funding if we are unable to deliver this as part of this scheme 
  • Undertake a street lighting assessment and street lighting design and possible installation of ‘mains’ powered lighting columns along upper seafront promenade section from the Harvester restaurant to Clacton Pier to improve safety and visibility
  • Undertake a feasibility study on possible improvements along the Broadway for cyclists as well as speed reducing measures (buildouts), speed reduction of route (TRO) and  additional signage

To conclude, this will now go out to tender (approximately 12 weeks) and we will update you further with drawings once this process has been completed and the finalised scheme has been agreed.

Essex Pedal Power Cycle Parking Project update

We are on track for a March installation at 5 of our sites (Clacton Train Station, Job centre, Library, Jaywick Inclusion Venture site and Clacton Coastal Academy. Essex Highways colleagues have completed site visits, produced job packs and will now be liaising with Cycle hoop regarding installation Programme. The final 2 sites (Pier Gap and Remembrance Gardens) are being finalised however we aim to install this financial year.

The summary of the first and second consultations are now available.