M11 Junction 7a

Proposed noise barriers along Gilden Way / Sheering Road

Section of map showing proposed noise barriers along Gilden Way

During the 2016 public consultation, we committed to putting in place measures to reduce the impact of traffic noise on residents once the M11 Junction 7A scheme is in place. This is why we are proposing the installation of noise barriers along parts of Gilden Way and Sheering Road.

  • In some locations, we are proposing to keep existing fences and walls.
  • The majority of proposed barriers are wooden fences that are 2 metres or 2.5 metres high, although there is one section where the fence is 3 metres high.
  • In a small number of locations, we are proposing wooden fencing where the top half features transparent panels to improve visibility.
  • In a small number of locations, we are proposing to make the noise barriers from brick.
  • To further reduce road noise, Gilden Way will be resurfaced using lower-noise materials and the speed limit will be reduced from 60mph to 40mph.

Our proposed noise barriers can be seen on this map.


Have your say

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these proposals, please contact us before 11.59pm on Sunday 20 May 2018 via m11j7a@essex.gov.uk or by writing to: 

  • M11 Junction 7A Engagement Team
    224-226 Tower Bridge Road
    SE1 2UP

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