Jaywick to Clacton cycle route - update

We are pleased to announce that Henderson and Taylor have been awarded the contract for the construction of the Jaywick to Clacton improvement scheme which is due to begin in October 2022. They will remain on site until spring 2023.

As part of the planned works from Jaywick Sands to Clacton, we will:

  • Undertake revetment stabilisation works on the land side, to help prevent sand blowing onto the new cycle track
  • Install off-grid lighting columns (wind and solar-powered) along the sea wall section to improve safety and visibility 
  • Install a new asphalt cycle track along the section from Jaywick to Selsey Avenue, Clacton
  • Install additional way-finding signage
  • Install a Sustainable urban Drainage Solution (SuDS) along part of the route

In Clacton, we will:

  • Undertake surface repairs (as required) along Clacton Sea upper promenade
  • Install additional wayfinding signage along the route to clearly mark out both the proposed and the existing cycle routes
  • Undertake slope stabilisation works (Gabion baskets) along a section of the route by the car park behind the Toby Carvery

Due to available budget and timescales, we will not be undertaking the following: studies into access improvements in Jaywick; street lighting columns along upper seafront promenade; or feasibility study on improvements along the Broadway.

Essex Pedal Power Cycle Parking Project update

We are on track for a March installation at 5 of our sites (Clacton Train Station, Job centre, Library, Jaywick Inclusion Venture site and Clacton Coastal Academy. Essex Highways colleagues have completed site visits, produced job packs and will now be liaising with Cycle hoop regarding installation Programme. The final 2 sites (Pier Gap and Remembrance Gardens) are being finalised however we aim to install this financial year.

The summary of the first and second consultations are now available.