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Saffron Walden High Street, Slade Bridge

Highway Schemes Homepage

Works Location                     



About the scheme

Preparations are being made for works to take place on Slade Bridge which runs beneath the High Street in Saffron Walden. The purpose of the work is to replace the current bridge deck which is in a weakened condition and requires replacing, and to carry out repairs to the adjoining bridge arches.

Historical research and site assessment suggest that the earliest phase of culvert (arches) is of at least eighteenth century derivation. The bridge was partially replaced in 1964 by the current structure beneath the carriageway and a portion of the footways, and comprises of pre-stressed T-beams with an infilled concrete slab supported by mass concrete abutments. This is the part of the structure work will take place on. 


Our plans

Trial hole surveys and site investigations have been carried out by accessing the culvert from the footway manhole in the High Street and also excavating the carriageway/footway.  These findings will support our engineers planning the future replacement design of the current bridge deck.

We are currently proposing to replace the bridge deck and carry out repairs to the adjoining bridge arches during the 2024 financial year.  

We will be liaising with key stakeholders and third party organisations including utility suppliers and the Environment Agency as we make preparations to work up our plans to undertake these works.  

Business owners, residents and local councils will be updated as the project develops.


Further information

Further details will be shared as and when information becomes available.