Cycling to work 

Cycling to work can be a great way of both avoiding lengthy rush hour queues and ever increasing parking charges. Cycling for up to 20 mins as part of a journey to work each day will also benefit your health and contribute towards NHS recommended physical activity levels.

Cycling to work can help you save money on fares and parking, as well giving you exercise while you travel, this ‘active travel’ might also save money on gyms and contribute towards better physical and mental health. Cycling for 30 mins per day can help reduce your risk of breast cancer, heart disease, depression and diabetes. People who cycle are likely to be less stressed and more productive and therefore for employers, promoting cycling to work, can have a positive effect on the workforce.

For longer journeys, why not combine cycling and train travel? It makes cycling for part of your journey more achievable and extends the range of cycling routes available. Visit Greater Anglia and C2C for more information on cycling to the station.

Adult Cycle Confidence Courses

Do you want to feel more confident on your bike or maybe your journey to work? Been a while since you cycled we can help. Visit the Safer Essex Roads website for more details. 

Cycle to work

Cycle to work is a tax incentive scheme aimed at encouraging employees to cycle to work, by way of salary sacrifice, allowing significant discounts to be achieved. You should contact your employer for more information about Cycle to Work schemes they operate.

Ask your employer about onsite facilities to encourage cycling, i.e. secure and covered cycle stands, lockers and changing facilities etc. 

Looking after your bike 

Cycle maintenance checks should be carried out regularly to ensure your bike is safe. Sustrans provide tips and advice on the M check (11 easy checks for your bike).  

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