BITE cards

Please note:  No new applications are being accepted until February 2019, when a new service will be implemented.  Please ask your school for further information. 

The BITE Card is Essex County Council's proof of age card for young people aged 11 and above.  You can obtain a card by completing an application form from your school or library.  Details of how to apply are listed below.


  • helps prove your age to the bus driver so you can have the reduced fare you are entitled to under the bus company's terms and conditions
  • if you are older but look young, it will help prove your age when buying age-restricted goods
  • doubles as a library card.

How to apply

We are no longer accepting new applications for BITE Cards.  You can apply for a new card through your school from February 2018.  Schools should contact us for more information at

Lost or stolen

We are no longer replacing BITE cards.  You can apply for a new card in February 2018. 


If your bus driver refuses to accept your card, please contact us.


As your card has the PASS hologram it should be accepted by major retailers but this cannot be guaranteed. The retailers in these areas use different proof of age cards so may not recognise it. Please call Consumer Direct on 0845 4040506 if you encounter a problem.

Southend and Thurrock

Your BITE Card can be used as a library card in Thurrock. If you are using your BITE card on a bus which travels across Essex into Southend and Thurrock they should recognise your card. However, bus services operating only in Southend and Thurrock may not.

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