Yoti CitizenCard

The 'Yoti CitizenCard' has replaced the BITE card scheme.

The BITE proof of age card is no longer being issued.

Essex County Council has reached agreement with Yoti-CitizenCard to provide a proof of age card in Essex.

The Yoti CitizenCard is a Proof of Age card available free of charge via Essex schools and colleges or for a reduced cost of £5 from CitizenCard (normal cost £15), provided you live or attend school in Essex.


Benefits of the Yoti CitizenCard


  • helps prove your age to the bus driver so you can have the reduced fare you are entitled to under the bus company's terms and conditions
  • if you are older but look young, it will help prove your age when buying age-restricted goods
  • the free Yoti app lets you prove your age online (optional)



How to apply

You can apply for a FREE Yoti CitizenCard through your school or college. Schools and Colleges should contact essex@citizencard.com for information about how to issue cards.

For further information please see https://www.citizencard.com/yoti-citizencard-new-id-solution-for-the-uk

Any cards issued between October 2018 and December 2018 where the pass holder is due to change age bands will have a replacement (Yoti Citizen) card automatically issued.


Lost or stolen

If a Yoti CitizenCard is lost or stolen a replacement card can be obtained at a cost of £2 here provided you live or attend school in Essex.



If your bus driver refuses to accept your Yoti CitizenCard, please refer to the bus operator concerned.



As your Yoti CitizenCard displays the Home Office and police-backed PASS hologram it should be accepted by Essex retailers but this cannot be guaranteed. If a retailer refuses to accept your Yoti CitizenCard please refer to info@pass-scheme.org.uk


Southend and Thurrock

Your Yoti CitizenCard can be used as a library card in Thurrock. If you are using your Yoti CitizenCard on a bus which travels across Essex into Southend and Thurrock the bus driver should recognise your card. However, bus services operating wholly within Southend or Thurrock may not.


Schools and Colleges

Schools should contact passenger.transport@essex.gov.uk if further information is required regarding arranging for site visits to issue cards for groups of students.