Road strategies

Roads strategies

Transport Local Authority of the Year 2017 Award
Our evidence for winning the Transport Local Authority of the Year 2017 Award 


Highways Annual Plan 2018 - 2019
Sets out Essex Highways' approach to managing the network in Essex


Highways and Transportation Asset Management Strategy - January 2017
Highways and Transportation Asset Management Policy - January 2017
Essex County Council maintains a vast network of roads, over 5,000 miles in total length, together with a footway network of 4,000 miles (including footways shared with cycleways), and 4,000 miles of public rights of way. In addition there are over 1,500 highway structures and 127,000 street lighting columns, and other asset groups such as highway drainage, vehicle restraint systems, traffic signals and traffic signs. Essex County Council recognises the vital role that its highway network plays in the lives of residents, as well as the travelling public and local businesses. Effective asset management of the highway network and its infrastructure is fundamental in supporting the Council’s Vision of Essex being a county where innovation brings prosperity, and in contributing to the Council’s Corporate Outcomes. This represents a significant maintenance commitment and requires a robust approach to asset management. The Asset Management Policy and Strategy is at the heart of highways investment planning, budget setting and delivery of the Highways and Transportation service, and is described in the two documents above.


Highway Authority Enforcement Policy - March 2015
An explanation of how we prioritise the enforcement of encroachments, obstructions and unlawful interference with the highway to protect the use and enjoyment of the highway for the public.


Essex Highway Maintenance Strategy - 2008
Essex County Council has a statutory duty to maintain the public highway to a reasonably safe standard. In order to comply with this duty we have developed the Essex Highways Maintenance Strategy. This sets out how the highway will be maintained and how complaints and repairs will be dealt with. Since 2 September 2013, carriageway (road) potholes are now maintained through our new processes which can be found by visiting the Potholes page.  In 2013 amendments were made to this policy which are set out in the document here: Amendments to the Essex Highway Maintenance Strategy

Speed Management Strategy
This strategy is designed for use by all those involved in Speed Management to offer clear and consistent parameters for the setting of speed limits in Essex.


Traffic Management Strategy
This document contains Essex County Council’s Traffic Management Strategy for Essex roads for the next 20 years.