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How to give feedback

Frequently asked questions and how to give feedback


Who runs the buses in Essex?

Most buses in Essex are run by private operators on a commercial basis. These companies range from small, family-run businesses to big multi-national companies.

Essex County Council does not regulate bus services. Operators are free to determine where and when they run their bus services, provided they comply with the law and regulations set down by the Traffic Commissioner, who is ultimately responsible for ensuring the correct operation of bus services.

A small percentage of bus services or routes are run with financial support from Essex County Council. These are shown on our supported local bus services page.


How can I find out if a bus is delayed?

You can find out information on delays and non-running of a bus service from the Bus operators page. Some operators have updates on their website or on their Twitter pages. Additionally you may find details on travel news from the ECC Passenger Transport Twitter Feed.


How do I give feedback about a bus service?

In the first instance, for all supported and commercial services, you should contact the bus operator directly. Contact details for bus operators in Essex can be found on the bus operators page. You should provide as much information as possible (e.g. route number, date, the time you were at the bus stop/time of incident, your starting point and destination, direction of travel, details of incident, what action was taken at the time) so they can investigate the matter thoroughly.


What if the operator fails to respond or provide a satisfactory answer?

For commercial services only, if, after contacting the bus company you do not feel they have dealt with your enquiry, then you should contact the Traffic Commissioner.

For services operated with financial support from Essex County Council please contact


How can I report a problem with a bus stop or shelter?

To let us know about damage to a bus stop or bus shelter please visit our Report a Highway Problem page.


How can I report a problem with a timetable?

To let us know about issues with a timetable please email us at


Who is the Traffic Commissioner?

The Traffic Commissioner is responsible for the licensing and regulation of bus, coach and heavy goods operators, and the registration of local bus services. If you have already contacted the bus operator and have not received a resolution to your enquiry, the final step is to contact the Traffic Commissioner. However, please note that it is extremely unlikely the Traffic Commissioner will intervene before you have tried to resolve your issue with the operator first.

You can contact them at:

The Traffic Commissioner
Eastern Area Office
Shaftsbury Road


Tel: 0300 123 9000