Winter travel

Winter Travel 

Winter officially begins on 23 October this year for Essex Highways. We treat over 2000 miles of roads in Essex, which is about 40% of our road network. These are the most important routes to keep moving and all routes are treatable in a maximum of 3 hours. We operate 62 gritting lorries with ploughs plus two mini gritters with around 116 drivers who are deployed based on weather conditions.  

For further guidance in case of severe weather conditions (school closures and other council services), see the Winter Service webpages

Severe weather warnings for East of England are available from The Met Office


Winter decision making

Our decision makers get a report from our forecasters daily. This shows them minimum temperatures along with any hazards expected (frost, black ice, snow etc). From this they can make an informed decision whether to grit the County‚Äôs roads and the best time to do this. Roads are gritted before frost forms.

When they have made the decision, usually at lunchtime, they communicate this via our Twitter account.

About our winter service

About our winter service

Information about our winter service

Salting routes

Interactive map of winter gritting routes. See the routes we spread salt.

Find out more about our salting routes

Salting FAQs

Salting FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our winter service

Track the gritting lorries

In this section you will find further information on tracking the gritting lorries

Salt bins

Salt bins

Check your nearest salt bin on a map

Salt Bag Partnership

Salt Bag Partnership | Essex County Council

What is the Salt Bag Partnership and how you can get involved

Winter driving tips

Winter driving tips | Essex County Council

Tips to help you drive safe in winter

Clearing snow and ice

Clearing snow and ice | Essex County Council

Helping to clear snow and ice in your neighbourhood