Catholic Bridge, B1389 Newland Street/Colchester Road, Witham

Advance Notice - 26 April 2018: Catholic Bridge - Planned works for May 2018

Pasture Road works

Traffic lights will be required to manage traffic flows on Pasture Road from Tuesday 8 May 2018 while the physical width restrictions are removed from the site.  These works will enable Pasture Road to form part of the diversion route when road closures are needed during the project. 

Catholic Bridge - temporary road closure 

Newland Street/Colchester Road will be closed to all vehicles from 8pm on Friday 25 May, until it reopens at 6am on Tuesday 29 May 2018.  The temporary closure will apply from the junction of Avenue Road to the Crittall Road junction and will enable us to install foundations for the Catholic Bridge works.

Advance warning signs will be in place and the diversion route (via Colchester Road, Freebournes Road, Pasture Road, and The Grove and vice versa) will be signposted.
Pedestrian access will be maintained over the road during closures.  

Please note that dates may be subject to change, therefore any amendments to the programmed dates will be reflected on site signage and on this webpage.

Works Location



Existing temporary supports


Temporary supports under structure 


Width restriction on Pasture Road


Proposed subway under structure


Catholic Bridge, Newland Street/Colchester Road, Witham


About the scheme:

Catholic Bridge carries the B1389 Newland Street/Colchester Road in Witham and is on the Blackwater Rail Trail, part of a disused Maldon to Witham railway line.

Catholic Bridge was originally constructed in 1848 and consists of eight longitudinal cast iron beams with brick jack arches spanning between the beams.  

Strengthening works have been undertaken at various times, with the installation of trestle supports. The first set of supports was installed during the Second World War and the second set was installed in the 1990s. These supports have been of steel construction and during an inspection in 2014 cracks were identified in three of the cast iron beams. Additional temporary supports were installed at that time and footpath passing under the bridge diverted through the centre.

Plans have now been made to remove the temporary supports and strengthen the bridge by constructing a new single span concrete structure below the existing bridge. Work will also be undertaken to strengthen the parapet walls.  

This scheme will provide a permanent structural solution and allow the continued access under the bridge via the Blackwater Rail Trail.


The works:

The works will be undertaken in a number of phases. Preparatory works start February 2018 followed by the removal of temporary supports and installation of a permanent concrete structure underneath the bridge. 

While we expect the majority of the strengthening works to have limited impact to the road network, works to remove the supports under the structure will require the temporary road closure of the Newland Street/Colchester Road at the bridge.  Closure information will be advertised in advance.  

In order to facilitate a safe diversion route (via Colchester Road, Freebournes Road, Pasture Road, The Grove and vice versa), arrangements will be made to temporarily remove physical width restriction on Pasture Road.  

It is anticipated that works on Pasture Road will be undertaken during the day time under temporary traffic management and reinstated at a later date in the programme. 

Please note that programmed dates may be subject to change, for example if the works are completed earlier than planned, or later if unforeseen issues arise or weather conditions are unsuitable.  The latest updates about the works, including planned road closures will be reflected on this webpage and the @essexhighways twitter feed and on site signage.

Works to reinforce the structure of Catholic Bridge are anticipated to take approximately eight months to complete.


What is involved and how may it affect you: 

Temporary parking restrictions will be necessary on Eastways to support the works. The parking restriction will be from the junction with Black Croft Road towards the south to the end of the road. This section of the road will be closed off during works.

The footpath under the bridge will be closed and pedestrian access will be diverted up and over the bridge while strengthening works take place under the structure.

The temporary road closure of Newland Street/Colchester Road at Catholic Bridge will be necessary during part of the works planned.   Appropriate notifications and diversions will be in place. 

Pedestrian access will be maintained over the road during road closures.


Further information: 

The latest updates about these works will be reflected on site signage and updated to this webpage.  

For details about other roadworks in the area please visit: