Scholar season tickets

The Scholar's Season ticket is a prepaid ticket and can be used on most Essex County Council contracted local bus services. Please download the PDF below for details of services on which the ticket is available. You can use your ticket for 1 return journey each day, at any time, to or from school or college. It cannot be used at weekends or during school/college holidays. The price is based on the cheapest child rate return fare for the chosen journey. This is then multiplied by the number of days per term and a discount of 10% is taken off term tickets or 20% from annual tickets.

To check fares or purchase a ticket call the Scholars Sales Team on 0345 200 4134. Several payment methods are available. To ensure your ticket is ready for the start of term we recommend purchasing a month in advance.

Things to know:

  • 18 year olds: on reaching your 19th birthday you will continue to be entitled to purchase a ticket at the child rate fares until the end of the academic year. You can read the Scholar's Season Ticket terms and conditions via the link below.
  • You can only buy a ticket for one route – you must pick which one if you have several running to your destination
  • If we have reached our limit for ticket sales, we’re sorry that we can’t sell you a ticket. We must adhere to the limits to ensure passenger safety.
  • Do you think you might be entitled to free transport? 

For information about travel to school for pupils who are entitled to free transport, please follow the link to our

travel to school pages.


The tickets are sold by Euclid Limited.


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