M11 Junction 7a

Update - Advance works starting in May 2018

Following extensive public consultation, our application to build a new Junction 7A for the M11 was formally approved by the Local Planning Authority in July 2017. Since then, we have been developing our detailed programme of construction, along with plans for future engagement with local residents and stakeholders.

Advance works for construction of the new junction and its supporting infrastructure are expected to start in Gilden Way in May 2018. These advance works are essential to facilitate any future highways or property development in the area.

Main construction is expected to start in Summer 2019, subject to successful land negotiations and compulsory purchase orders.

In late 2017, we started taking surveys of underground utilities – such as water mains and broadband cables – on Mulberry Green and B183 Gilden Way/Sheering Road. We have also been carrying out environmental monitoring in the area, such as measuring air quality levels. Every effort has been taken to ensure that the impact of these works is kept to a minimum and that local people experience no disruption to their daily lives. 

As we get closer to the advance works, we will write to local people with detailed information about what works will happen when, and what impacts these are expected to have.

We are fully committed to ensuring that residents have all the information they need and that they can contact us whenever required to provide feedback or receive updates (see below for contact details).


Essex County Council is committed to supporting local and regional growth through the improvement of local infrastructure. While improving the local road network for existing residents, commuters and businesses, we also aim to leave a long-term legacy of new jobs and homes, and strong communities for future generations.

We have spent more than four years investigating options to improve access to Harlow’s road network. A strategic options appraisal study concluded that a new junction on the M11, known as Junction 7A, was the best solution.
The new M11 Junction 7A and widening of Gilden Way will:

  1. 1. Create a new east-west link, which will move traffic smoothly out of Harlow on to the M11
    2. Reduce congestion on the north-south links through Harlow and towards Junction 7 and
    3. Provide new opportunities for housing and business developments


The scheme

The scheme begins by widening Gilden Way from the London Road roundabout to Marsh Lane to create a three-lane road. This would provide an additional lane for traffic approaching Harlow. The widening will be accommodated within the existing highway boundaries or on land that will be transferred to the highway authority’s ownership.

From near the junction with Marsh Lane, a new road to the east will be built to link the improved Gilden Way to the M11 via a new roundabout called The Campions roundabout. A section of the old Sheering Road as it passes The Campions will become access-only for residents, while access to Mayfield Farm will also be improved.

From the new The Campions roundabout, the link will continue towards the new motorway roundabout junction on the western side of the M11. This is one of two new roundabouts that will be built on either side of the M11 and connected by a new bridge over the motorway. There will be slip roads on and off the M11 for both northbound and southbound traffic.

Traffic travelling from the new M11 junction towards Harlow will use the new roundabouts, on either side of the M11, and travel along a new wide two-lane link road to The Campions roundabout.

The material that we produced for the public consultation on these proposals contains detailed information on the scheme and how it will achieve its objectives. That information can be found in the ‘Useful documents and links’ section at the bottom of this page. 


Previous Engagement

From May-July 2016, we carried out an extensive public consultation on the proposals for the M11 Junction 7A and the widening of Gilden Way. As part of the consultation, we ensured the proposals were well publicised, including holding public information events and displaying information at Harlow Council Civic Centre during the consultation period. We received 149 responses, including one petition with 155 signatures.

You can download our Consultation document using the link below, along with other information about the scheme.
We are grateful to everyone who took the time to consider our proposals and provide their feedback. We read and analysed each response to gain a thorough understanding of the issues, suggestions and any concerns that they contained. This information was passed onto the relevant technical leads working on the proposals, and was used to help inform future decisions on the scheme.

At the end of this process, a Preferred Route was approved by the ECC Cabinet and announced on 13 December 2016.


Contact us

Please contact us via m11j7a@essex.gov.uk if you have any questions about the scheme. We aim to respond to enquiries within 7 days.


Documents relating to the scheme can be downloaded using the following links

 Consultation document M11 Junction 7a 06a

 PDF 30/01/2017

 M11 Junction 7a / M11J7A Technical Approval Report

 PDF 30/01/2017

 Harlow Option Assessment Report Part 1

 PDF 30/01/2017

 Harlow Option Assessment Report Part 2

 PDF 30/01/2017

 Proposed Site Plan overview

 PDF 30/01/2017

Further information about our plans, including a summary of responses to our earlier consultation and other engagement activity, can be found by viewing the documents submitted as part of our application to the Local Planning Authority 

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