Salting Routes

We have 57 routes this year covered by 62 machines with ploughs, we also have 2 mini gritter routes covered by 2 mini gritters to treat weak bridges and roads. All routes on the salting network are treatable in a maximum of 3 hours. The salting routes consists of: 

  • ’A’ roads that Essex Highways are responsible for. This excludes the A12, the A120 and the A130 which are administered by other organisations 
  • ‘B’ roads
  • The access route to the main settlement of a Parish of 50 or more households not already on the precautionary salting route
  • Roads served by at least 4 public bus services per day for 5 days per week or more 
  • Roads that link sites of national importance (e.g. airports, ports, fuel refineries etc.) to the main salting network
  • We also include roads which allow ambulance and fire stations access to the main salting network

To view the salting routes go to our Highways Information Map below and zoom into the area you wish to see. 

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