Highway Records

Essex County Council, as the local Highway Authority, holds thousands of hard copy maps and legal documents relating to the extent and status of highways within the county.

These records consists of:

  • Maps showing all publicly maintainable highways in Essex, including Public Rights of Way
  • All documentation relating to updates and amendments to maps, such as Adoptions, Stopping Up Orders, Section 38 Agreements, Section 106 Agreements, Side Roads Orders, Compulsory Purchase Orders, Dedication Agreements
  • Digital records and databases
  • Register of Landowner Declarations -  This is a record of deposits made with Essex County Council, pursuant to Section 31 Highways Act 1980. Deposits made are valid for 20 years from the date they were deposited with Essex County Council. Should you require a copy of a specific deposit, please send a request to highwayrecords@essexhighways.org. This register is updated regularly to reflect newly received declarations.

For more information about the Highway Records we keep, we have produced a presentation which you can download below (PDF).


To view which roads we are responsible for, go to our Highways Information Map, then click on Assets, then Highway Records. (You would need to accept the terms and conditions to view the map.)


For enquiries relating to Highway Records, please contact: highwayrecords@essexhighways.org


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