Temporary closures or diversions

Temporary Closures or Diversions may be necessary while works take place.  This will require a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.  This Order will be advertised in your local newspaper and on Notices placed on the route.  If you would like to check that the public rights of way in your area have not been affected by any Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), you may download a list of Long Term TRO's on Byways from the documents box below.  

If you need to check the exact location of any of the Public Rights of Way affected by an Order, you can use our interactive map.  If you are unsure as to the exact location of any of the public rights of way the Definitive Map can be viewed at either your local parish office or at County Hall.

If you need to apply for a temporary traffic regulation order, you can access it from this page: Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.