A414 Edinburgh Way/Cambridge Road junction improvement scheme

About the scheme:

Essex County Council is developing a series of improvements in Harlow and funding has been secured to improve the A414 Edinburgh Way/Cambridge Road Roundabout.

Main works include:
  • Dual carriageway for Edinburgh Way between Cambridge Road and River Way Roundabouts. 
  • Upgrade of the A414 Cambridge Road Roundabout. 
  • Improve traffic signals at the East Road junction with Edinburgh Way, maintaining a crossing point on the A414 for pedestrians and cyclists. 
  • With the exception of East Road, vehicles that access premises on Edinburgh Way will be prohibited from turning right due to the new central reservation.  Vehicles at the East Road junction will be able to turn in both directions at the traffic signals. 


The improvement scheme is part of a £15 million investment in the Harlow road network, to manage congestion and support future local economic growth.


When will the work take place?

Preliminary works: 

Site mobilisation, tree clearance and investigation works began January 2017.  Preliminary works are now in progress and focus on utility diversions in the footways and verges on the northern side of Edinburgh Way.  These works are due for completion Autumn 2017.

During this time two way traffic flows (one lane in each direction) will be maintained on Edinburgh Way for the majority of the works, supplemented by a temporary speed 30mph limit. Right turn restrictions will be imposed on all side accesses and a right turn restriction at the traffic signals at East Road when required. Utility diversions will also take place to the north of Cambridge Road Roundabout. 

There will also be times when utility works will be required across the carriageway which we anticipate undertaking at weekends or overnight. 

There may be traffic delays at certain times and work phases which we aim to minimise as much as possible. Some lane closures will typically take place during the day limited to off peak times where possible and you will be notified in advance of overnight road closures, which will be kept to an absolute minimum. 

Main construction: 

The main construction phase is expected to follow preliminary works with a target completion date of 2019.

Please note that due to the nature of the work being undertaken, dates may be subject to change, for example if we experience unsuitable weather conditions or unforeseen issues. 

Further information:

Every effort will be made to maintain resident and business access throughout the works, however there may be delays depending on the works being undertaken at the time.  

This webpage will continue to be updated as new information becomes available as the scheme progresses.  Advance warning will also be provided on roadside signage.

Thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation while we work to improve your roads.

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